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Need assistance for Project Management and UAT

Kanak Gajjar October 1, 2019


I am currently trying to use Jira for Project Management and UAT purpose

wanted some guidance on the below

1) Timelines: is it possible to show the timelines in multicolor  ( Red, Amber, Green, Blue ) with Milestones. Also, highlight the ones which are completed

2) Project Management & UAT: Any good Addon Tool freely available which can be recommended and has good templates readily available to use

3) Sprint: Possible to have multiple sprint to be active at one go or it can only have 1 sprint at a time

4) Task, Story, Issue: To input the details can the format be allowed to amend, which can allow me to exclude and include the contents as needed

5)  Reports: How can i make easy to use dashboard reports which can provide me the status ( BoW, UAT - In progress, On Hold, Completed, Change Request , etc )

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James Bullock October 1, 2019

Any good Addon Tool freely available which can be recommended and has good templates readily available to use.

Consider Jira Agile / Greenhopper. For UAT, often what users want to do and see isn't formally specified: you don't have a test case full of steps and expected results. So, some execution orchestration and tracking like built in with Jira, wrapped around "exploratory" or "session-based testing" where you have a charter of the topic or question to explore.

Along with the plug-in, there is online material, training, and consulting available on this approach, which ought to be in your toolkit. FWIW, my first prof presentation around testing -- I am not a tester, nor do I play one on the Interwebz. -- was "Testing Without Good Specifications", net a less formal, less grounded take on what the "exploratory testing" people are about. (I have a couple stories from that adventure.)

First hack (of two): Think of "User Acceptance Testing" as two-pronged.

  • Required, very precise showstopper requirements usually for the whole system, so select items in what the IEEE used to call "Systems Testing." These are usually program-level concerns, verified and validated by ad hoc "show me" with users.
  • Hands-on individiual wrangling of Their Favorite Use Cases(tm) by people it's about to be deployed at. This is where the "exploratory testing" techniques come in.

Second hack: You have multiple kinds of users, who will have different concerns. Coverage in terms of these "constituencies" is a magic hack.

James Bullock October 1, 2019

Feel free to ask away here, or contact me.

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