List view of the attachments in Jira next-gen project

Lavanya Tamarapalli September 9, 2019

In the classic Jira project management, we were able to view the files as a list. In the next-gen project, I am not sure where I can edit to change the settings to listview instead of thumbnail. Can someone navigate me please? 


Thank youimage.png



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S Lee February 19, 2020

Hi @Atlassian,


Could you please confirm whether this feature is supported by Jira nex-gen project or not?



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Rasmus Vedel May 6, 2020

This tile-view is a daily frustration for me :-( 

It should definitely be possible to view files in a list and not as truncated tiles... 

Victor Michalski June 15, 2020

The current display of attachments is definitely sub-par, any issue with more than 3-4 attachments is a mess. Would love to see an update to this.

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