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Michael Miener November 25, 2020

Hi there,  Just wondering if folks have experience with using Jira in a system deployment setting -- such as Cloud ERP systems -- rather than software development?

From what I learned in my first few training sessions, it recommends itself to project mgmt in such contexts as well.

Thank you for your thoughts/experiences.


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Charlie Misonne
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 3, 2021

Hi Michael,

I'm a bit late to reply on this post so I'm wondering if you started using Jira for your ERP deployment and what your thoughts are?

Jira is often used for non software development projects. In theory you can use Jira for any kind of projects. The tool is very customizable. You can create your own processes (workflows) fields, etc.
You will notice that Jira focusses on agile projects (Kanban, Scrum). But those methodologies are not meant to be software development specific. Kanban was even invented by Toyota as a manufacturing process.

There is also some terminology specific to software (development) projects in the application. But once you get used to that it's no big deal.

With apps (plugins) you can enhance the Jira experience if you need more features like gantt charts, advanced reporting, dashboards etc.

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Valeriy Kosenko January 8, 2023

Hi, Charlie,

tell me, please, where can I find practical examples or project managers who used Jira for the implementation of ERP MS Dynamics 365 or other ERP systems?


Valeriy Kosenko February 12, 2023

Hi, @Michael Miener and @Charlie Misonne 

I published my answer in the following:

1) Jira Community group:

2) Google Project Management Certificate - Network Building- Job opportunities group:

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