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How to log time on tasks?

Francisc August 30, 2019

Can somebody explain to me how I can keep track of the time for each tasks I have to do during a day if the job consists on jumping from  task to task and from tasks to meetings and vice versa?

To log time on a task you need a description. What do you put on that description if the task is fix a bug or simply search for data or just writing a class to do something?

For project managers, they like to see charts, time graphs, reports I get it but to me it's just a waste of time at least on a IT company or my work style.

Doing the math, I should dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to log time on tasks and describe my work, even if nobody has a clue about what I'm doing. Believe me it's tested.  Now multiply 30 minutes per 20 - 22 working days in a month.

And then, the funny questions are:

How much time for this project?  (But I don't even have requirements!!!)

How much until done? (I work even weekends sometimes. )


Jira it's a awesome tool in right hands but it's a nightmare wrong ones.

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Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 31, 2019

Hi @Francisc ,

It is simple. You do a job (task) and just log how long it take to do it. If your manager do not understand that working for example 8h is never equal real work then it is a personal problem not Jira. Usually it should be maximized as much as possible, but in real world if this would be 80% (around 6h per day) it is really good result (you have to eat, rest every hour since you are sitting in front of computer, .. etc.)

Jira gives you ability to log time. It is not marking in red people that not logged 8h per day or  provide work log reports that are showing that you are not doing your job.. Meetings? fine you can log time on meetings - that is not a problem. Description? It is optional. You do not need to add description - simply add how much time you log.

And remember.. You do not need to sit with at stopwatch and exactly say that a task took 25min and 28seconds. You should make it around 30min already and move one to another task. If you multitask.. open same issue with log work popup open until end of the day and change it if you spend more time. When closer to end of the day (or when you end the task) simply save the log work. That is all. 

Francisc September 1, 2019

I appreciate your response but it's not that easy. In my case at least I'm not finishing the tasks always. Sometimes I can start working on a task today and because others tasks with higher priorities (emergencies, critical bug fixes) arrives, I have to stop what I'm doing and go with the other tasks and maybe the previous one I will finish it next week or months. When I get the message on Slack about the emergency, followed by SMS than a phone call pushing me to do it ASAP than another one asking me what the problem is and how much until fixed, logging time on my previous task and add the description because they make me add it, log time it's the last thing I'm thinking of.

Please don't get me wrong, It's not marking red peoples logging less than 8h per day nor me getting into the habit to log time. I wish I could work on a task finish it log time add the description job done go home but since they ask me to log time I feel way less productive. IBM stopped log work time for the same reason on some areas.

This feature either has to improve or educate owners/managers and explain them that it's not suitable for all working styles.

Jack Hunter _HeroCoders_
Marketplace Partner
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September 2, 2019

Hi @Francisc,

Given the way you work, I think that Clockwork app available on Marketplace might be helpful (disclaimer: my colleague works on it).  It gives you two modes:

* Manual - you simply press Start timer button on the issue/bug/task page when you start working on it. When you finish, press Stop timer button and the app will make the calculation for you and fill all data (you can amend the time and description if you like).

* Automatic - it is integrated with Jira workflow. The timer starts automatically when Jira issue is moved to In Progress (or another status which category is In Progress). Timer stops and time is logged automatically when Jira issue is transitioned to the status of Open or Done category. 

The Automatic mode also works on Agile boars, so it is enough to move issue cards between columns (Open, In Progress, Done, Paused, etc.) and time is logged automatically for an assignee. 

Let us know the feedback if you decide to try it. 


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Francisc September 2, 2019

Hi Jack,

I will definitely  take a look at that as soon as possible. Thank you.

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