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How to filter tickets with status resolved or closed

Markus Rathgeber June 28, 2019

Hello Community,


I would be very happy, if you can help me out with the following Question.

How can I define a filter for tickets, which have been resolved or closed within a time period?


The following filters are not working:

project = "project name" AND (resolved, closed >= 2019-03-01 AND resolved, closed <= 2019-05-31)

project = "project name" AND ( (resolved >= 2019-03-01 AND resolved <= 2019-05-31) OR status =(closed >= 2019-03-01 AND closed <= 2019-05-31) )

project = "project name" AND ( (resolved >= 2019-03-01 AND resolved <= 2019-05-31) OR (closed >= 2019-03-01 AND closed <= 2019-05-31) )


I think the system has a problem with the status “closed”. If I just filter for resolved tickets the filter works:

project = "project name" AND (resolved >= 2019-03-01 AND resolved <= 2019-05-31)

If I exchange the status to closed, it does not work:

project = "project name" AND (closed >= 2019-03-01 AND closed <= 2019-05-31)



Any idea how to filter both status options?

Thank you in Advance.

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Rising Star
Rising Star
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June 28, 2019

Part of your difficulty is that you're mixing the concepts of 2 fields.

Resolution is set at some point in the workflow, and it means that no more work is needed on the issue. It has a time/date stamp and a value (e.g. Completed, Canceled, Duplicate, etc.)

Status is a different field that can be all sort of things (e.g. In Progress, Pending, Resolved, Closed, etc.)

You can filter on when an issue was resolved (e.g. Resolved >= 2019-06-28), but you cannot do so like that with a status. What you can do is something like this: status changed to Closed after 2019-06-27

Hope this helps.

Markus Rathgeber July 3, 2019

Thank you for your feedback and the explanation. Now it works.

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