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Google Assistant / Siri to JIRA Issue

Ben Newport May 9, 2017

My ultimate setup would be getting my Google Assistant (or SIRI) to add a task in to my JIRA. 

Is there a tool that sync's Outlook (office 365) tasks with JIRA?



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Etienne Noel April 18, 2018

You can now with the latest update!

Antonio Valle _G2_ April 18, 2018

Do you know how exactly? I've tried all the inimaginable combinations and siri does not understand me... 

What is the correct sentence ?

Etienne Noel April 18, 2018

I used: "Hey Siri, can you create a Jira task?"

Antonio Valle _G2_ April 18, 2018

Oh my... Jira created a Reminder list called "Jira Task" :-(

Like Conrad Wade likes this
Etienne Noel April 18, 2018

Damn it doesn't work for me anymore. I was able to make it work once though...

Antonio Valle _G2_ April 18, 2018

humm...  :-(

Ben Ogilvie April 30, 2018

Has anyone figured out the correct incantation for this yet?

Antonio Valle _G2_ April 30, 2018

I've used Jira Taskibus!! But it didn't work... I think jira has lost its magic on iOS... 


changed siri from from English us to Australian or U.K. with no results

tried every combination I can imagine... Siri doesn't  obey !!

Ben Ogilvie April 30, 2018

Haha well played Antonio XD


Hoping Jira will put out some documentation about how to use this feature at some point!

Petr Halva October 16, 2018

would be great if this feature would work ok

Jon Bartholomew February 13, 2019

It works for me with 'Create a task in Jira to ...' then it asks which list (project).

Dipesh Chouksey April 29, 2020

Hello @Jon Bartholomew ,


Do you have any sample code or example? I am looking for the same kind of solution.

Any resourse links would be great. 

Derek Cooper September 1, 2020

Following for results, thanks! 

Jon Bartholomew September 2, 2020

When I added that comment I was using the standard Jira Siri functionality - no code required. Give it a try yourselves - I've not tested it recently.

Zoryana Bohutska _SaaSJet_
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September 19, 2020

Hi there

Our SaaSJet team recently created JIVA: Jira Intelligent Virtual Assistant  It lets create issues and simple reports by voice command. 

Best Regards


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