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passing values from one project to another with automation

Vasco October 1, 2020

We have built an automation for one project and set the parent issue to be the trigger issue, all works well like this, even when we change the Issue type the "Parent issue" drop-down box is hidden but the rule works ok.
Now when we change the destination project and maintain the issue we do not get any values all we have is the error " Could not find create meta data for project/typeId - 10013/10009"

On a brand new automation the issue is created successfully but  they are all empty, no option to chose the parent issue.

What I'm doing wrong?

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Vasco October 1, 2020

I just found this indication, I will try out:

Vasco October 1, 2020

Some what after re-running the automation, I noticed that the main difference is when the trigger is a custom subtask it fails, if the trigger is a custom issue I can use automation to create a ticket with all values to another project and another issue.

Vasco October 2, 2020

in the end I noticed that I didn't had the fields correctly placed in the source task.
Newbie stuff.

Tom Bowden January 28, 2021

Hi Vasco, please can you explain? I'm having the same issues on mine. I'm trying to use automation spin up a load of epics automatically in a completely blank new project. 

I have global settings so my rule applies to all projects (presumably including any new project I decide to create). But when I create a new project, then manually trigger a rule from an issue (to be run in "same project as trigger") I get the same error you had above:
" Could not find create meta data for project/typeId - 10013/10009".

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Vasco January 28, 2021

Hi Tom;
It's been a while since this happened.
But I will have to revisit soon because I'm having that same error again.
Let me refresh my memory first.
You can start by checking if object "10009" is available for both projects (10013 and the other)

Stefan Grob September 18, 2022

Hi Tom Bowden - did you get a solution to your issue? I have the same troubles when changing an automation rule to global settings: for one project, all works fine. then i change the rule to a global rule - it doesnt work anymore - i get your error-message. thanks for helping me.

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