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Where to find the rules/instructions for automatically generated task?

George Notel September 19, 2019

Apparently I can't figure out the right key words to search to find the solution to this, so I'll ask here. The previous IT Director set up some rules so that every 2 weeks/every month/some time period, a ticket is generated and assigned to someone to check something. I'll get a ticket once a month to check that computers are checking in with our monitoring agent, or I'll get one to make sure AV is working, etc. I am fairly certain that this is done through Automation for Jira. I want to look at what tasks already exists, but I can't seem to find something that says, "Here's your current automation rule set. Click here to edit a rule." Everything I find is 'Here's how you use Automation. Install this plug in, and do this/do that." I just want to look at what already exists, but my google fu is failing me. 

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George Notel September 19, 2019

I found it. I just wasn't searching hard enough. Digging into the Project Settings, then the Apps, I found where the Automation rules are. This query can be deleted.

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