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Updating Jira Service Desk - did i do it right?

JayST February 8, 2020

I'm still evaluating JSD, and i saw an update was available , so i thought i'd give a try and see how that would go. I came from jira service desk 4.6.1 , intalled with the jsd 4.6.1 installer on Ubuntu 18.04. So i was upgrading to 4.7 at this time.

As a guide, i used this part of the docs:

the guide said it would be sufficient to update only jira core/software and JSD would be upgraded aftewards from the webinterface. So i downloaded the jira-core 8.7 installer package and followed the steps and re-configured my server.xml files after the update. All good.

I was expecting i had to update JSD to 4.7, but after the update of jira core was complete and i started the interface, i saw JSD was on 4.7 already.

Also, the upgrade report was not updated with the datestamp of the actual update. It still showed the datestamp of initial installation, funny enough, it did display the 8.7 version in that report.

"Jira was successfully upgraded to version 8.7.0 on 22/01/2020 at 20:48"

I performed the update on 08/02/2020

So i have some questions:

Was i right by updating only jira-core by using the jira-core installer bin file? Could i have used the jira service desk installer bin file as well?

Is it to be expected that JSD is automatically updated as part of the installer update when updating using the jira core installer?

What's up with the last upgrade report datestamp?



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