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The request type is not applicable to issue type of the given request

johnathan_blanco February 14, 2020

I have setup several Request types to handle incoming mail. 

Some mail will be standard requests and others are from automated systems reporting errors. To do this I created a request type group 'EmailGrp' that contains the default 'Email Request' and two more 'email alert' types. 

On 'Email Alert1' I kept the issue type as the default of 'Emailed Request'

On 'Email Alert2' I created a new issue type called 'Inbound Alert' 
The only difference between Alert1 and Alert2 is the issue type. 

I created an Automation rule that changes the inbound email ticket to Alert1 or Alert2 type. 
Alert1 works fine, but Alert2 gives error "The request type is not applicable to issue type of the given request"

Automation Rule that generates error:

When this happens...Issue created

If these match...Issue matches:summary ~ PROD AND request-channel-type = email

Then do this...Edit request type name to "Email Alert2"


The error "The request type is not applicable to issue type of the given request" isn't giving me enough information to understand why the types aren't compatible. How do I fix?


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Jack Nolddor [Sweet Bananas]
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February 14, 2020


Since issue is created as Email Alert 1, that issue has a underlying issue type of 'Emailed Request'. You cannot simply change the request type to 'Email Alert2'  since request types are always bound to an issue type. So you must change first the issue type to the correct one, and the set a compatible request type for the given issue type.


johnathan_blanco February 14, 2020

In automation I only see a way to edit the request type. How do I edit the issue type?

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August 10, 2020

Were you able to figure this out?

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