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Linked Confluence KB sets customers up as users?

Mary Mascari February 24, 2022

tl;dr: Sending a link to a Confluence KB to a customer allows them to create a user account.


Our JSM project is not currently linked to Azure AD. This might solve the problem.

When I send a customer a link to a Confluence page, it's creating a user account for them, and making a second entry in the customers list.

Here's a screenshot from the customers list on my JSM project:


These two entries are for the same person, C.H.

1. I sent CH a link to our portal. He was prompted to sign in and create an account with a password. That created the second entry you see in the picture above. 

Most of the entries look like that one. They're either created when someone sends an emailed request, or when I manually add them to the list by their email address.

2. This one was created when I sent CH a link to a page in Confluence. The space is linked to the JSM project with permissions that allow non-licensed customers to view it.

When he clicked on the link, he got this prompt:


CH clicked on the link and was prompted to sign up. He used his Microsoft account. This created a user account for him. 

This is obviously not what I want. 

I realize if he had clicked on the "Already have an Atlassian account? Log in" link, that might have done what I wanted it to do. Is that true?

Also, I don't want anyone with this link having the ability to just join my project.

What do I need to do differently? I need to be able to send customers links to KB articles, but not if they're going to be set up as users. 




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Ibrahim_Awwad February 25, 2022

We had a similar issue and I found out that users are added Automatically, all I did was that in the Manage Product access page make sure the New user have access to this product is turned off


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