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Complicated project

zalim786 March 6, 2020

So guys, I am new to this community, We are trying to figure how to solve the following problem.

We want to have following required fileds.

Field 1: System

Field 2: Menu

Field 3: Application


so System has multiple Menus and Menu has multiple Applications

So is user selects System A, Field 2 Menu should only show the menus under System A

e.g System A has Menu 1, Menu 2 and Menu 3

      System B has Menu 4, Menu 5, and Menu 6

so for example if user selects menu 4, it application field should only show applications under menu 4 e.g application x, application y, application z


once the right application is selected and request is created, it should automatically send the request to the owner of application to approve the request once the request is approved only then it should appear open.

Now I am trying to do it with scriptrunner but for some reason I am not doing something right. I am very new to Jira btw.





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Richard Bouchacourt March 23, 2020

Hello, @zalim786 

I'm not an expert on groovy, but,

Maybe you should try to use Automation for Jira

I use this App to do stuff like you. When a customer push an issue on the portal, the automation rule calcul the issue Priority using two field (Impact & Issue Type Request).

I works very well and you can use conditional statements

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