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Assessing Server to Cloud

Neil Johnson February 20, 2022


Our uni has been on Confluence Server for over 10 years. We're now assessing whether we want to go to Cloud, Datacenter, or move off of Confluence to another solution.


Neil  Johnson

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Eglė Kaziulionytė February 20, 2022

key questions would be the amount of users you have (DC has quite high the first tier, thus it is more suitable for larger organizations), what sort of plugins you have (to check whether there are cloud/DC versions of those) and most importantly - if you do have any integrations or customizations in your server version as those will be a bit of challenge to transfer to Cloud (sometimes :) ). 

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Neil Johnson February 20, 2022
  • Currently licensed for 2000
  • Most of our plugins have cloud versions
  • I'm not aware of any/many integrations/customisations other than custom plugins
  • Glaring pain point is the increase in cost of virtually every plugin on Cloud. Disappointing.
  • Currently assessing trial of Viewtracker for space/page analytics. Comparing with the OOTB Confluence Analytics
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