NoSQL Database Schema Drawing & Visualization Tools

Hello Guys,


You probably have seen me ask the following question elsewhere. I'll also post here so as to start a conversation that can help anyone else who finds themselves in a scenario like mine.


Now, if you were to draw and visualize database schema for SQL databases, it'd be pretty much straight forward to get a tool for that; paid or free.

What about for NoSQL/Document/Collection databases? There are tools for this but I've only found the paid ones. One amazing tool that I've come across is: https://hackolade.com

Hackolade works perfectly! Unfortunately, I maxed out the 14-day trial and can't use the community edition because I'm drawing many models. Considering drawing and visualizing NoSQL database schema isn't my day to day task and I won't probably work on such a task again for the next 3 months, I don't see why I should pay the £75 per month subscription.

I also tried, draw.io, Lucidcharts, Creately. These three require a huge amount of effort to get something as simple as multiple text columns in a single model diagram. Honestly, I'd rather resort to my pen and paper even though my handwriting isn't the most presentable/readable.

I also got a suggestion to try out Database Schema Viz for Jira - Jira Marketplace. Unfortunately, I'm not using an on-prem instance of Jira but a cloud-hosted one.

So, are there any tools out there that are free/open-source, and can help me achieve this task?


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