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JHoehn I'm New Here Jun 03, 2013
We want to create multiple issues using a multi-select list (in fact we finally need this to be done with a database query using the nFeed plugin, but that's step two we want to accomplish) The usecase is a listbox with e.g. 3 selected texts and this should create the selected text in the summery field of the subtask so they are different and the assignees can trigger according the selection. Now the summary lists 3 identical subtasks wich is a bit confusing. The subject will then be [SELECTION1]-[Parent Issue Summary] [SELECTION2]-[Parent Issue Summary] [SELECTION3]-[Parent Issue Summary] Then an an assignee must be attached to this issue, which is different for each selection, its a 1 on 1 relationship. The cascaded select list could be the solution for that but it needs to be more flexible so we are looking for combining that nFeed plugin to retrieve the data from a database. What would be the possibilities to accomplish this?

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Create Sub Tasks based Multi Select Custom Field

It is possible to create multiple issues driven from a select list - see How to create multiple issues . However, this will not work if you need each subtask to be unique is some way (summary field, or assignee for instance) and that is not the value driven by the multiple issue field. For that, you would need to create multiple unique post function entries and use How to condition the creation of issues to get them fired depending on the selected values.

Suggest opening an issue if that is not enough info or you run into some road blocks that require more lengthy discussions.

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