Choosing a specific transition when I have multiple going to the same status

Steven Rhodes April 26, 2022

I have a workflow where I have two transitions into the Done status. One is to cancel the request and sets the resolution to cancelled (this one is available from all other statuses). The second one goes from In Progress to Done and gives you a resolution screen to set it yourself. I am trying to use automation to set the resolution for some projects using this workflow transitioning via the In Progress to Done, but when I select this in Automation for Jira, it chooses the transition that cancels the request.

How can I specify or differentiate between these two transitions? I see the transition ID of 101 for Done (and 31 for Cancel Request), but in the automation I don't know how to use the "Transition Match" feature. All the regex I have tried doesn't work.image.png

I have tried to bypass this by using the Cancel Request transition it insists on using but I can't set the Resolution because there is only a Comment field on the transition screen (I have managed to set a generic comment though). This results in the transition to Done but means the resolution is still Cancelled.image.png





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Jeffrey Bistrong
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February 24, 2023

This worked for me, i just had to match the transition name exactly, i couldn't get it to work when the transition name had spaces in it, so replaced the space in the transition with an underscore, and now its working

Monosnap View workflow — DB_CR Workflow v1.2 - JIRA 2023-02-24 13-37-23.pngMonosnap Automation - Jira 2023-02-24 13-35-46.png

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Callum Carlile _Automation Consultants_
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April 26, 2022

Hi @Steven Rhodes 

Under where you have set the Done status, there is an option to "+ add regex to distinguish between multiple transitions to the same status ".


Here, you can enter some regex based on the individual transition's name in order for the correct transition to be used.

Either this, or you can just add a post function on the specific transition to set the Resolution, meaning you don't have to 'edit' the resolution field, nor do you have to have the resolution on the transition screen (this may be the easiest solution).

Hope this helps!

Steven Rhodes April 28, 2022


Thanks for your reply

I did mention that all the regex I have tried didnt work, and I can't find examples that would help me. I can see that in the example in the box it says


And i have tried .*done.* for example

Also there are already two transitions to Done and i'd rather not add a third that sets the resolution to Done. 

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Jenny Severin June 3, 2022

I am having the same problem.

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Steven Rhodes June 16, 2022

Hi @Jenny Severin I did in the end create a new workflow as I was unable to get the automation to recognise the regex. This was a lot more work but it works now.

Marcin Błaszczyk October 11, 2022

Hi Guys,



 You Have to type a specific name of transition in.

@Steven Rhodes in Your issue You have to type:


Benjamin Peikes February 2, 2023

Why would it have to be .*Done*. and not Done ?

Wouldn't that match anything that had Done in it, or is ".*" and "*." Atlassian's regex delimiter?

Jean-Christophe Gonzales March 5, 2024

same problem in march 24'

whatever the regex used I get the error : "Destination status could not be resolved. If using a smart-value ensure this resolves to a numeric status ID or untranslated name for issues (with current status)," 

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