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Anthony Miller August 19, 2021

Is there any way we can change the from information in the NAFJC notifications?


$fullname (Jira) <>


Company Name (Jira) <company email address>

I note there is a bug in Jira Cloud as per the below URL, but can it be changed in the app to ignore the global setting?


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Tomeu Real March 27, 2023

Hi, we are facing the same problem with may of our clients. The emails they receive from our jira cloud with the go directly to spam. 

Please, when is it planned to fix it?

Best Regards

Tomeu Real. 

Boris Berenberg - Modus Create March 27, 2023

Hi Tomeu,

In the short term I would ask your customer to whitelist our domain as much as possible. We have completed work on the technical platform to support customer configured mail server, but still need to build the feature itself out. We're hoping to release this in Q3 of this year.


james greenhill April 17, 2023

I add my organisation to those that need this feature asap please.

thanks a lot, James

Boris Berenberg - Modus Create April 17, 2023

Hey James, 

Thanks for your feedback, as I wrote above, we're likely going to roll this out in Q3 this year.


james greenhill April 19, 2023

Hey Boris.....unrelated to this - is it possible to only include public comments in in outbound emails ?

thanks james

Boris Berenberg - Modus Create April 19, 2023

We include comments based on recipient permissions. If they have access to internal comments in the UI, then they will see both internal and external. 

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Boris Berenberg - Atlas Authority
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August 20, 2021

At this time, we do not support changing the From name in Notification Assistant for Jira Cloud.

Jeff Warren March 27, 2022

Hi Boris, is there any plan to add this feature in future? 

Boris Berenberg - Atlas Authority
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Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
March 28, 2022

Hi Jeff,

We do want to add this in the future, but it's not on our short term roadmap. 

For transparency, the reason we are not allowing this to be configured right now has to do with ensuring that the emails actually reach the recipients inbox. There are a number of small decisions made in the formatting of this string to help avoid landing in the spam box.

The way we would solve this would be to support customers providing their own email server. To do this in a way that would work for the majority of customers, we would need to support:

  • GMail oAuth based connections
  • Office365 oAuth based connections
  • SMTP connections with a variety of authentication and security mechanisms
  • Appropriate debugging capabilities to support customers using all of the above

This is all doable, but is a lot of work and needs to be carefully planned out.

I hope that helps to explain the situation.


Jeff Warren March 28, 2022

It sure does, Boris. There are a lot of moving parts to get this working. 

Atlas Authority has a great product here, it has been great to use. We are looking forward to any new updates rolled out by Atlas Authority to further this wonderful app.


Jeff Warren

Jeff Warren October 20, 2022

Hi Boris

Can you please provide an update on whether this is still on the roadmap? 

Our emails from are ending up in junk and not even reaching the junk box as the whitelisting is catching these emails and just not letting them through.

With all the data hacks of late in Australia, this is becoming far more important that all our emails come from the same domain. Our clients have beefed up their security and we are essentially not able to get our communications through to them. 

Is there any work around that can be used?

Boris Berenberg - Modus Create October 21, 2022

Hi Jeff,

If your emails are hitting Junk, then I would recommend you work with your mail admin to address this. It's a specific issue to your environment, none of our other customers are reporting this. If you need us to hop on a call with your mail admin to help ensure that everything is working as expected, we're happy to do so. Please file a support ticket via to schedule this.

At the same time, we have prioritized support for customers to bring their own SendGrid account in the coming months. Your org will need to set up SendGrid and configure it to send from your domain, but this is the best approach we have found to solve this in the short term. We are investigating more robust long term options where we support any SMTP server, but it's non-trivial.



Jeff Warren October 22, 2022

The issue is that our business deals with multiple external entities who verify the validity of the email using our domain name. They see and think we're trying to run a scam.

Boris Berenberg - Modus Create October 24, 2022

Gotcha, thanks for sharing that. Like I said, we're working on improving this as it's one of our most requested features. So hopefully we can make this better for you soon!

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