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Atlassian Certifications - My experience taking all the exams Edited

Hey guys! I've been working with Atlassian tools for more than 10 years and I know how important is to hold at least one Atlassian certification when you decide to get a fulltime job on Atlassian environment as Consultant/Admin/SysAdmin.


I have put together a blog post to share with the community my experience taking all six exams and what I used as baseline material.


I hope it helps you to get the job you really want.  :-) 


I'm glad to discuss here or on the blog post any additional questions.


Scott Theus Community Leader Apr 25, 2019

Thanks @Vitor Fragoso, this was helpful. I'm working on my ACP-300, and I was surprised at how difficult the questions were on my first attempt. I knew they would be hard, but i didn't expect them to read link PMP cert questions. The knowledge is there, i think, i just kept getting tripped up in the wording. 

Next time I'll know what to expect and will work through the questions the way I did for my PMP.



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Hi @Scott Theus! Thank you for the feedback.

The Atlassian Certifications are hard and preparation is essential. Most people who decide to try without prep fail at first. It's super normal!

Specifically for the ACP-300 cert, I would suggest you review the agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. Also, play around with the different OOTB reports available in the Jira Kanban and Scrum boards. You will be tested on that.

Note: If you don't have a testing environment or a Lab, spin up a Docker container for your hands-on exercises. I'm working on a new blog post to help people with that "free" testing environment. 

Most importantly, try the free Quiz available on the Atlassian website so you will see the type of questions and complexity that you will get during the exam. Don't expect to see the same questions on the exam.  :p All the links are on my blog post.




About "free" testing, you could also use Atlassian SDK ( then use the following command :

atlas-run-standalone --product jira --version 7.13.2

 You would have a Jira 7.13.2  installed and running with local database.


Kind regards.

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