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adding a subtask to an existing story affects the burndownchart

Hi , 

I had 2 tasks already in the sprint and I have create a story to link them inside the sprint. this cause an increase in the time in burndown chart. but these tasks whre already estimated. 

Can any one explain why should that happen and how do I correct that ?



Warren Rising Star Jul 21, 2017

If you have 2 tasks of say 3h and 5h, then your burndown starts from 8h. If you add another item (story) but don't put any time to it, it can't increase the total time. So I'm guessing that you may have put some time to the new story as well? 

Subtask time totals and shows in the parent (story), so in the example above, you should see the 8h in the story. But you can also put time in the story, which would increase the overall time.

Maybe you need a bit more detail for us to understand the exact issue

Warren is right, but there's an important point of principle I'd like to emphasise here.

A sprint starts with your commitment to doing a known set of estimated things.  You are saying "we will do X story points/hours/whatever in this sprint". 

If you add (or remove) items with estimates into that sprint, whether by drawing them in or creating new issues, then you are changing the scope of your commitment, and the burndown absolutely *should* change to represent the fact you've changed your committment.

I suspect JIRA is doing the right thing here.

But the think here is that I just I did not touched the estimat if the stories but just hev seen that there are different tasks that should subtasks of the same story. 

So normally I suspect that Jira add the time for the new subtasks and in the same time remove the time from the old tasks.

wouldn't that make more sence ?

Thanks for replying Warren.

In fact I didn't add any time to the new story. The time on it is empty.

please see the screenshots to have more info about the situation : 

here the AMD-103 and the AMD-63 are the old issues that already exsits in the sprint. and the AMD-125 is the new created story(without estimate)

burndown Chart.pngsprintBoard.png

Warren Rising Star Jul 21, 2017

Essentially anything that is added to a sprint after it is started, that has a time estimate, will increase the overall time. In your screenshot above, AMD-103 was added to the sprint with an estimate of 2d 3h, whereas AMD-63 was also added, but with no time estimate.

So I would expect AMD-103 to affect the burndown, which is what you're seeing in your screenshot.

Keep in mind what Nic said above about adding to the sprint and how it could affect your sprint commitment. Generally if you're adding something to the sprint (and there may be a very good reason for doing so), you would look to remove something of simialr size

I think I was not good at explaing the issue here.

Tha problem is thaht AMD-103 and AMD-63 was already in the sprint.

what I did is just gater them under one story. (AMD-125)
So in reality I have not added any new time estimate to the sprint. I have just gathered tow existing tasks under one user story whitch does not have a ny time estimate on it as you can see on the screenshots.

Warren Rising Star Jul 21, 2017

Okay, I think I now understand. I have mimicked this by creating 2 tasks of 3h and 5h, adding to a new sprint and starting it. I logged 1m just so the red line appears. I then added a story with no time and converted the tasks to be subtasks of the story. The resulting burndown is 

Add Story.jpg

As you can see, I still have only 8h. 

My guess, seeing your board with various other items in progress, is that someone has changed the remaining time on a different task. Remember that when you log time, you can increase or decrease the remaining time - increasing it would have the effect that you see in your burndown. At the same time as that increase, the green line has sharply increased, meaning that someone has been logging quite a bit of time. You need to scroll further down the report and look at the event at that point in time

Hi Warren, 

Actually the time I logged on the AMD-103 does not exixt any more on the evant history o_O !! . And what I see is like the whole time of the 2 taks was added again to the sprint !!!

and also if you look at the start of the sprint, these task are not even mentioned !!!



I have chekced that. I do not see any events on the AMD-103 wich I worked on befire transforming it to a subtask ....

the only time that was added was the remaing of the 2 tasks 2d 3h !!! o_O


and by the way I am using the Jira 

JIRA v7.1.9

could that be a proble that was fixed in a leter version ? !

Warren Rising Star Jul 21, 2017

I'm not sure - we're using the cloud version i.e. always the latest


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