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Which is the best tool for Jira enhanced reporting and BI (Dataplane? EazyBI?)


I was recently asked for our management in how to extract the data residing in JIRA into excel and go over 1,000 rows. They would like to do Pivot Tables in excel and analyze the data differently as currently available with "out of the box" reports and gadget.

I shared some links (one of them with comment from Nic about how obsolete the data will be just before opening excel.)

So, I started some research and we will evaluate Arsenale DataPlane and EazyBI. Based on their marketplace descriptions they look very promising. And, I have to admit, I opened my mouth too early by saying... it looks good they have pivot table functionality, blah blah...

So the first disappointment was that Pivot Table functionality on DataPlan is not more than the already available two dimensions gadget in Jira (far from the concept of Pivot Table that we know from Excel). I probably missed something there.

Second disappointment, the need of additional resources to run EazyBI... I know, probably my mistake as well ;)


Now, we will start a formal evaluation of both alternatives and here is the question to start this discussion...

What BI tools do you use to analyze Jira data? Pros and Cons will help a lot as well.

Any other tool/approach we should consider?

Thanks! (BTW - we have Jira Server, Portfolio, JSD and Confluence)


Hello All!

I'll go first, hopefully more will follow so we can learn from our experience....

We use eazyBI extensively! It's super powerful but not that easy. For some basic xustoc reporting its pretty intuitive, but for anything a little more complicated you really need to know ypur way around it. 

EazyBI uses MDX syntax and is highly customizable. I guess for BI people it's pretty straight forward, but usually this falls into the local Jira admin's hands and there it has the pottpotential to become messy.

So, in summary, EazyBI is a really powerful amd customizable reporting tool for Jira. As far as the disadvantages go, I would say it's not that easy and also lacks some basic options like nested folders.

I'm looking forward to read about your experience with EazyBI and other alternatives for Jira reporting.

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Thanks @Tanya Gordon I am getting the same feedback from other users. Dataplane is more user friendly but it lacks some key functionalities and on the other hand EazyBI is powerful but requires an agressive learning curve. And what you mentioned is right.... the Admin team ends building reports for users and that is not a good thing to add on top of their other responsibilities.

We are evaluating the training of a core team that could support BI requirements from end users. We don't have a definition yet. I will let you know

Any success of BI tool evaluation for the JIRA, please need your advise too

We sell SQL+JQL Driver the 2nd most popular reporting solution for the Server and Data Center according to the active instances.


The major difference with rest of the apps is that the SQL+JQL Driver brings full support for standard SQL for reporting on Jira and native JQL to search for issues in SQL queries.

So organizations can access Jira data safely respecting Jira permissions and avoiding all the drawbacks of accessing to the Jira native database without renouncing to the power of the JQL language.


From that you might like more or less the rest of the built-in features compared to other apps to build reports at the GUI level.

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I compared several tools and found vizydrop very promising. It seems it was added recently to the marketplace, as there are no reviews.

Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Dec 10, 2019

Hey @iofjuupasli , welcome to the Atlassian Community. 

As part of our marketplace vendor and solution partner guidelines, we kindly ask that users call out if they work for a vendor/partner they are endorsing:

Identify yourself as a partner: Make sure the user is aware you are affiliated with a partner company; for example, by placing the name of your company in your user name in {curly brackets} or -dashes- (note that regular brackets no longer work and have been automatically converted to dashes). If you are mentioning your own products or services, make sure you include wording to make it clear that you are affiliated with the company providing those products or services.

By requesting vendor or partner access, you will also receive a badge on your profile that will identify you as a partner or vendor.

Since you appear to be affiliated with Targetprocess, I'd just like to ask that you call this out in future posts promoting vizydrop. Thanks!

Daniel | Atlassian Support

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I suggest taking a look at our Analytics and Reports module by Screenful. It brings several new chart types such as line charts, dual axis line charts, scatter plot, stacked bar charts, and multi-bar charts. Feature include: 

- Mix & match data across Classic and Next-gen projects
- New List view chart for creating reports of issues
Export or share with a public link
- Compare multiple metrics in one chart (e.g. estimate vs actual)
- Advanced charts including multi-bar charts and dual axis line charts
- Track any of your custom fields, including the new Next-gen fields
- Easy to use editor, no coding or complex query language needed


Hi Fabian,

It's been wonderful to demo Custom Charts for Jira Reports to most of the people commenting in this thread.

We made it easy to use, and with the powerful realtime 1 and 2-dimensional reporting features that people need in Jira dashboards and Confluence pages.

We're working hard to match all the powerful features of EAZY BI, but in the meantime, I'd argue we're already the best option for the reporting needs of most Jira users.

There's a playground to try it out for yourself in the link above.

Custom Jira Charts Dashboard June.png


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