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jchu Atlassian Team Jul 25, 2019

Hi Community!

Great to meet you! I’m Jenny, a Product Manager at Atlassian. I’m currently working on the new Teams experience, which allows you to represent your own team within Jira and Confluence. We have developed a few features surrounding Teams like:

  • Team Profiles: a shared space for your team where you can check out activity and related resources related to your team.

  • Directory: search and find out more about other Teams in your organisation.

  • Mention and Share to a Team in Confluence: easily mention your Team, or share your page to your Team on Confluence.


This is just a glimpse of what we want to do with Teams. We’re really excited about what Teams could be but we need your help! We’re currently looking to interview a bunch of customers to learn about their experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Staying on top of what your team is doing

  • Finding work related to your team

  • Providing access to products to your team members

  • Mentioning, sharing, assigning to teams

  • Learning about other teams in your organisation

If you feel like any of the above is related to you and you use Atlassian products frequently, then we want to talk to you! If you have used any of the Teams experience that I listed earlier, even better.

If you are interested, please sign up using this form. We will reach out to you within a week or so to organise an interview session with you.

In the meantime, please feel free to comment below with any questions or thoughts!



Hi Jenny,

Just a heads up but it looks like your "teams" link in your first sentence is broken, I get a 404 error every time I click on it.

Nice work on the experience though!

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jchu Atlassian Team Jul 31, 2019

Hey John! Thank you so much for noticing - updated with the proper link now. 

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Are there any plans to extend teams to Server as well? 

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Yes, I'd be interested in Teams for Server products as well...

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 01, 2019

Hi @Bruce Reed and @Arraaf Mochny !

Thanks for the interest - we currently don't have plans to extend this to Server at the moment, but I am definitely keen to understand what you would hope to use Teams for? 

Hello @jchu

From what I've read so far, your new Teams experience could track work across multiple departments/projects.

Portfolio for Jira's teams might be similar, but they seem to require project plans?

I could see your new Teams experience being used to track multi-project work that may not require/use project planning...

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@jchu Definitely would like teams in the server version of Confluence. The use case would be exactly the same as the cloud version.


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Hi there! I am very much interested in talking with you about this. My firewall will not allow me to access your link, can you please email it to me? Thanks!

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 05, 2019

Hey Terri, absolutely, let me e-mail you instead!

  • Sounds great, Jenny, but probably not best choice for testing new features as only started a few days ago and only within a small team of three to provide a project handbook for a non profit association until end of August.
  • Still interested in following the further development and wish you success!
jchu Atlassian Team Aug 07, 2019

Hey Bernd! Hopefully I'll do a good job keeping everyone updated - thank you so much for your message. 

Hello Jenny!

My corporate firewall won't allow access to Google Docs, but it sounds like you don't really want to talk to me anyway. I work for Wells Fargo, and we have many installations of Jira Server but do not use Jira Cloud (as far as I know!) so it sounds like you won't be doing anything that will help me anyway. We also cannot (for the most part) buy an add-ons for Jira, so we have to live with whatever functionality is natively present or absent. We have a complex team environment, and some people are on multiple teams, and some teams are actually sub-teams of larger teams. It would be great if the Project Admin could control access based on team and sub-team. It would be great to be able to report at each level as well, and be able to arbitrarily group teams for the same purpose. That's just a couple of things off the top of my head. Hope this new feature is wonderful for your intended audience. Too bad it's not us.

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jchu Atlassian Team Aug 07, 2019

Hey Jerel!

While I am not the PM that is responsible for Server, I will forward this to some of my product managers in Jira Server that this is something you'd like to have.

This is still great insight for me to understand what you would look for in a Teams feature, so I really appreciate the time you gave to give me this feedback. Thank you very much! 

It's really important for ISO and other compliance models to be able to Org-chart your organization(as well as just general HR systems needs). Is there any plan to take this information(tabulated business relationship heirarchy among confluence users) and enable this type of functionality?

It seems like such a natural progression I'm frankly surprised it isn't already incorporated.



Sure you can email me anytime at I'd be happy to discuss this further in hopes to help you guys with future product releases we appreciate Confluence here!

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 07, 2019

Hi Torfinn! There are actually some plans (though not the short-term) to look into this functionality, but we haven't really prioritised it just yet. I'd love to understand more on what you would hope to use such a functionality for, and how I could help.

Would be interested to chat! Feel free to put your name and details above, and I'll set up a session. 

How does Jira Teams relate to Microsoft Teams?

I am interested in building a plugin for Atlassian Server applications. Is this feature coming to Server applications anytime soon (aka will my efforts be moot?)

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 07, 2019

Hey Steven! Unfortunately not that I am aware of, as it's currently just a Cloud only feature. 

Do you have any specific things you'd like to do with this feature for a plugin? 

Well, I mean what? The feature as is would be great to have in Server. Some teams where I work move fairly often and others do not -- Keeping up with who is doing what and what teams are active would be awesome.

I'd expect it to provide a Team field in Jira and a Team space in Confluence. Team @mentions would be awesome. Which board a team is using, things like that would be good to expose. 

Hey, good feature but when I tried to add my team with @TeamName in one of the Jira issue comment, it does not send email to each team member. Did I mistake??

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 11, 2019

Hey Bhavin! You didn't make a mistake - the mentions is only available in Confluence for now. Unfortunately, we're rolling out this to Confluence first. Stay tuned for Jira! 

@jchu Anxious for use in JIRA. We'll benefit as much for having it in JIRA than having in Confluence.

Ditto! Please make the team mentions work in JIRA as well. Integrate it with Team Scrum Boards, etc.

For my Confluence space, the teams and team mentions aren't working properly. If I or anybody else creates a team, nobody else is actually being added or invited - it just says they are invited. We tried it with several teams, but it never worked.

Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to leave a team one has created. I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of instances in which one or a few persons (admins, assistants etc.) have to create several teams without necessarily being in them. So I believe it would be great if you would add that feature.

jchu Atlassian Team Aug 25, 2019

Hi Julius!

Thanks for trying the Teams feature out. While it's not ideal, I have a feeling that you and your colleagues do not share the same e-mail domain? Because of this, your colleagues must navigate to the Team and accept the invite, otherwise they stay in the "invited state".

Unfortunately, we haven't built notifications yet, so the experience for team members who have been added to Teams are not ideal. We're building this within the next few months, so hopefully this will help alleviate some of the pain! 

As a result, you cannot mention a Team if they never accepted the invite, since they are not recognised as full members. The current workaround is to send the link to your colleagues to ensure they accept it. 

Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to leave a team one has created. I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of instances in which one or a few persons (admins, assistants etc.) have to create several teams without necessarily being in them. So I believe it would be great if you would add that feature.

Thank for you for the feedback! We will consider this for our future roadmap. But you are correct that right now, if you are the only "full member" of the team, then you must have someone else on that team before you leave it. 



Hi Jenny, 

I'd also like to jump in and say that I'd love the option to leave a Team that I've created. It's unfortunate not having this option since I currently manage our team's Confluence space. 

Hello @jchu

I'm wondering how this new suite of features will work with permissions/groups and project roles.  Also how it will work, if at all, with Portfolio Teams.

I recently attended the Jira Permissions webinar and one of my key questions was, if we follow some of the best practices of allowing project admins to add/remove people from project roles, and not tie that to global groups, how would we keep the groupings of teams  or business units together?  This seems to be the answer, but is in its very early stages.


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@jchu Is there anyway or plans to provide a sync between this and google groups?  I'd love to have one definition of my team.

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Hello - I see when I create a team it is an Open Team meaning anyone can join. How can I control access to this team and resources? 

I guess the purpose of the team is to allow multiple spaces organised around a group of people. EG Marketing Team working on Product Launch.. space. ?

Are you going to be able to use teams in page restrictions - so for example if you have confluence pages that you want to restrict to a certain team, you can do so at a team level rather than each individual member of that team?

I do like the concept of team profiles and it's members. 
But is it possible to add macro's to get a team-member list.

Or something that sync's teams with groups. Every team has a group (with the same name) so that we don't have to do group and team administration.

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This is so necessary!

Hi there!  I'm very new to confluence and I'm just trying to get a start on some pages for my team.  I created a team in confluence and added links.  It seems great but I have yet to see anything show up in the "Worked On" section.

I thought that as a member of the team, anything I worked on would show up there.  Then I read today something about @mentioning the team in the pages I work on and sharing to the team.  So I tried both of those things and neither made a difference on the team page (though sharing did result in an email being sent to me)

I'm wondering what I'm missing?  Also, I invited one other person to the team but she hasn't responded yet and I was reading here that there are no notifications yet. So that means I have to manually grab the team URL and email it to her for her to accept the invite?  Or is there some better way to help her see and respond to the invite?

I'm happy to help with feedback as I work my way through all this.  I suppose my first comment is that the instructions are not very clear on how to use this feature best.  But I am hoping I can get it working to test it further.



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Found the same. Cant see anything in the worked on area.

Its been a year since this was released and haven't seen much action/comms since then.

@jchu , is Teams still part of roadmap?


would be nice if its possible to organize watchers of a page/space trough this teams. Or is this already possible and i didn´t find it?

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@jchu To Mark McPartland's question, it seems as though you stopped responding to comments in this thread since 2019, should we take that to mean that work on Teams has halted and is not going to be supported anymore? I cannot find any documentation on how to use it, what features are available, etc. Would be nice to have an update!

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(I didn't go through all the posts so sorry if a repeat suggestion)

I found this by [happy] accident because I was going to add a page to profile team members. I'm not concerned with hierarchy or maintaining organizational relationships of my staff like many others here, but I would like team members to be able to add a personal touch to their profile - interests, fun facts, pic of the fam, etc.  Sounds cheesy but I think this is important nowadays since working remote 99% of the time can lead to feeling disconnected. It would also be a huge help for new hires who have to try to get to know the team without ever meeting us!

Any chance of this type of addition in the future?  Thanks!


Hi @Diana Cates ,

Team profiles are only available in cloud at present. I'm not aware of any plans to make them available in Data Center.

That particular version of user profiles are also only available in cloud, but as far as I know, Data Center should have a different flavour (in product) of user profiles.


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