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JQL query to find issues updated not for me but for somebody else, I am a watcher and email them...


I want to have the exact query to get the issues on an email notification  when you configure your profile to not receive notifications from my changes BUT i am a watcher on those issues...

So far support have not provide me a good answer to do that...

I want it to create an issues filter with a suscription.

Any help will be appreciated.

thanks in advance


Hi Luis,

I'm not totally clear on what you're trying to do. If you'd like to be notified about changes you make, the most straightforward way is enabling the "Notify me" on "My changes" option in your profile.

Nevertheless, here is a JQL query that will show all changes (not just the ones you make) to all tickets you're watching in the last hour. You can change the time range to fit your subscription needs.

watcher = currentUser() and updated >= -1h
Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jul 11, 2017

If you have disabled the preference of being notified of your own changes, then you will NOT receive notifications when you update an issue, even if you are a watcher of that issue.

The preference of not being notified of your own changes is just for mere convenience of a large group of users who think: "If I am the person who has changed the issue, I already know what I've just done, so, what's the point of being notified about something I already know?"

>when you configure your profile to not receive notifications from my changes

This is very simple.  In the background, this is not quite what happens, but you can imagine the process of generating and sending an email as:

Event triggers an email

JIRA builds a (deduplicated) list of users to send the email to from the notification scheme rule

JIRA looks at who triggered the event, then what their "email me" settings are, and if they have "do not email me on my changes" set, it removes them from the list of recipients

You'll note that I have not mentioned a filter or JQL in there.  The query has nothing to do with events.

A subscription is a totally different thing.  It sends you an email report of a filter on a schedule.  The "change made by me" flag is irrelevant because it's not triggered by a change.

let me clarify what I  want to do:

a) I am a reporter assigning issues to programmers and I want to be notify when they or anybody else do changes basically to those issues, so I can review them.

b) I have the default on my profile for "Dont notify my changes" because if I changed the issue I dont want to be notified with an email of my own changes... (make sense?) ..

c) what is the problem with this? Well,  I receive a bunch of emails during the day and I would like to receive only one email per day with  a summary  of all issues that were update for anybody except myself.

d) The only alternative I found to do that is using a JQL query on Issue search filters and have a suscription to email them once a day...

e) the problem is that in the JQL query I can not find a "field"  to avoid sending me issues that were modify for me and I am receiving the issues modified for the programmers but the ones I modified myself too...

f) This is the JQL query then that I programmed since I could not find other better combination:  "updated >= -24h AND watcher = currentUser() "

Thanks for the help, hope somebody have a solution... in the meantime I am looking for add on alternatives for my Jira Server 7.3.1



I found a partial solution thanks to Jeremy Sanchez  from Jira-support:

This will work only if I am in a group different from my programmers. I am an Administrator and they are in the users group. You could create another users group to do this trick too...

this is my current JQL query:

"updated >= -24h AND watcher = currentUser() and assignee in membersOf(jira-software-users) "

Hope this help to somebody...

Hi, not sure if you still want help with that but i found a much simpler way to filter out your own updates

AND NOT "Last Updated By" in (currentUser()) AND reporter in (currentUser()) OR watcher in (currentUser()) AND updatedDate >= -5d ORDER BY updated DESC


you can also use 

status not in (Closed, Resolved)

in the beginning to avoid alerts from those tickets


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