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Why is JIRA Suite Utilities disabled on JIRA Cloud?

Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 09, 2016

In my JIRA Cloud instance, the JIRA Suite Utilities add-on is greyed-out. All modules show as disabled, and I cannot find any way to enable.

My understanding is that this add-on comes/came pre-installed on Cloud instances.

What is going on? Is it undergoing maintenance or update? How can I enable and use the various functions? 




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crf Atlassian Team Nov 09, 2016

I know we are in the process of absorbing all the functionality of the previously separate JIRA Miscellaneous Workflow Extensions (JMWE) plugin functionality into JIRA itself and/or connect plugins and that something similar is expected to happen for JIRA Suite Utilities (JSU) at some point, but I don't think it is supposed to be disabled for you yet.

There is a knowledge base article about the JMWE changes in particular here:

I don't see anything that explicit about JSU, but it should be a similar story... eventually.  I will ping some people that I would expect to know more about it to see if they can't fill in the bits that I don't know.

(It may just be that the plugin just failed to start for some completely unrelated reason and disabled itself, in which case it would make sense to contact our Support folks to get it sorted out.)

Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 09, 2016

Thanks Chris, that's helpful to know. My searches of the knowledge base, Atlassian blogs, etc didn't turn up anything, so it would be useful to know more.

In particular, what happens to existing workflows that use JSU conditions, validators, etc?

crf Atlassian Team Nov 09, 2016

With JMWE they were migrated to equivalent replacement functions, so I would expect more of the same. I was able to reach some of the folks that are involved in this work, and they said that they would chime in here, so I think you'll get much more reliable information from them shortly. smile

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Nov 10, 2016

Hi @Sam Hall,

I'm product manager leading the team that worked on integrated JIRA Suite Utilities. We have already replaced all conditions and validators supplied by JIRA Suite Utilities with native implementations in JIRA, including:

  • Field Required Validator
  • Date Comparison Validator
  • Date Window Validator
  • Field has single value validator
  • Regular expression validator
  • Field value condition
  • User in custom field condition

Please let me know if I'm missing anything smile

We are still relying on the JIRA Suite Utilities plugin to support the transition tab for customers currently using it (and we do plan to fix this bug when we integrate it). However, we are also thinking about how we can supply this information in a more sophisticated way on the view issue page.

We are still evaluating usage of the custom fields (currently very low) with regard to whether or not we want to support these in the long term.

Dave Meyer

Senior Product Manager, JIRA


Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 10, 2016

Thanks @Dave Meyer for the clear explanation/information.

You didn't mention the 'User Is In Any Roles'/'User Is In Any Groups' conditions, but I suppose those can be recreated by grouping multiple 'User Is In Group'/'User Is In Project Role' conditions. 

 What about the post-functions?

  • Copy Value From Other Field 
  • Update Issue Custom Field
  • Clear Field Value 

Will these get native implementations too?



Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Nov 10, 2016

Yep, still on the todo list.

Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 10, 2016

Great. Thanks for the confirmation.

Will those be enabled in JSU so that we can use them in the meantime, though?

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Nov 10, 2016

If you contact Atlassian support they should be able to enable these modules for you.

Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 10, 2016

Great. Thx.

Is there a date that JSU will be no longer available? I'd like to contact support to get it enabled for my organisation as well, but I don't really want to get used to a free add-on that is going to soon be replaced by an add-on I have to pay for.

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Nov 24, 2016

Hi @Marc Roberts, like I said above, we are integrating JSU functionality into JIRA. The add-on will remain enabled for all customers that are already using it while we migrate the features. We have no plans to remove the add-on until we are at feature parity (with the potential exception of the custom fields provided by the plugin).

These features will be a part of all JIRA products and won't require a separate add-on in JIRA Cloud.

Ah, I thought you were migrating them all to JMWE. Thanks for the update, will contact support to get JSU to be turned on, cheers.

Hi, is there any date for Update Issue Custom Field being available?

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Jan 04, 2017

Hi @Sérgio Serra, sorry we don't have any updates right now. We are hoping to finish the work this quarter.

Hi @Dave Meyer. I understand that JIRA is absorbing a lot of features from JMWE and JSU. However, should JSU still be disabled for JIRA Cloud users during this process? We can't seem to enable it and I see in previous comments that we're not the only ones. We'd love to be able to update a custom field in a post function. Any help is much appreciated as our support issue hasn't been addressed in yet.

Hi there,

We join this tread with hope that "Update Custom Field" function will be implemented as well.

Good luck, @Dave Meyer!

Another vote here for "Update Custom Field"!

This ^.....Lots of this ^

Let it please be sooner then later! We require the "Update Custom Field" for an efficient workflow. 

Same here, waiting for "Update Custom Field"! Thanks.

Is there any means to enable this feature on Atlassian Cloud instances?   

Or a timeline?

Right now we need to use third-party websites to define the post-change functions and workflow transitions that used to be provided by JSU.



Dave Meyer Atlassian Team Feb 12, 2017

We will be re-enabling these functions for all customers over the next couple months. If you need it sooner, just contact Atlassian Support.

Another vote for the "Update Custom Field" in post function for cloud instances.

Please add the "Update Custom Field" back asap, we need this also.

And another vote for the "Update custom Field" in post function !

Sam Hall Rising Star Apr 18, 2017

Just raise a support ticket and Atlassian should enable it for you:

I tried this last week(via support ticket), and they would not enable it. 

Sam Hall Rising Star Apr 19, 2017

Oh. That goes against what Dave M has been saying on this thread (and my experience a few months ago).

It would be worth mentioning this thread if you didn't already (but I assume you probably did!).

Hopefully Dave can comment on this thread with an update if the position has changed.

They did for me a couple weeks ago.

Ah. Weird.

I did get a support tech that wasn't very fluent in English, but this was his response to my request:

"Activate the JIRA suite utilities is not possible now.

Best regards,
Marcelo Benelli
Atlassian Support Engineer"


Guess I will give it another shot and hope to get a more capable CSR. 


Ours was turned on very quickly by someone in support - just try again :)

AnnWorley Atlassian Team May 18, 2017

Here is an update from Atlassian Cloud technical support this morning:

Due to our Cloud infrastructure being upgraded to a new platform, to provide better stability and performance, the JIRA Suite Utilities and JIRA Toolkit Plugins in JIRA are being deprecated and we are no longer able to enable this add-on. The add-on itself will be removed in the coming months.
We have plans to make JIRA compatible with these plugins in the future, but we do not have an ETA for this.

Sam Hall Rising Star May 18, 2017

Oh. Thanks for the update Ann.

Any info at this stage in what happens when it JSU is disabled? I guess people will have workflows that depend on some of the functions it provides. What are the impacts/options there?

Earlier in the thread, Dave mentioned about JIRA natively supporting these functions. Is that still happening?

AnnWorley Atlassian Team May 18, 2017

There is this new article about it, please let me know if it answers satisfactorily:

Removal of custom fields provided by JIRA Suite Utilities plugin from JIRA Cloud

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team May 18, 2017

Hi folks,

I'm the product manager of the team working on this.

Yes, JIRA Suite Utilities is being deprecated; however we will support all existing JIRA Suite Utilities workflow validators, conditions, and post functions natively in JIRA Cloud. We are working on this right now, and if you have a workflow configured with one of these features, we plan to update it automatically without you (hopefully) noticing a thing. The ETA for this is the next couple weeks.

We will also continue to support the transitions tab feature for the foreseeable future (although it may be replaced by an alternative in the long term).

Unfortunately we will not be able to support the location custom fields, as described in the knowledge base article. Similarly, we don't have a timeline right now for features provided by the JIRA Toolkit Plugin.

Dave Meyer

JIRA Product Management

Hi Dave, 

I just wanted to create a post function which updates a custom field automatically when a new issue is created.

Since JIRA Suite Utilities and JIRA Toolkit Plugin have been depricated I'm not able to do that anymore.

Do you happen to know when the earliest is this feature will be implemented natively in JIRA Cloud? 


Dave Meyer Atlassian Team May 29, 2017

Already implemented. We will be rolling it out over the next couple weeks.


Awesome, thank you for the quick reply!

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 30, 2017

Hi Dave,

will this also be added to the self-hosted version of Jira?

And now the new version is paid after not even a month.

LOL Just like that, it's paid. Figures.

Whats the status off JIRA Server. We have moved from Cloud to onPremise, and a lot of workflows are affected by this. 


I have noget found a Cloud to JIRA+JSU guide... so its replacement in the DB currently.

 I just got that same update;


"Due to our Cloud infrastructure are upgrading to a new platform, to provide better stability and performance, I'm afraid the JIRA Suite Utilities and JIRA Toolkit Plugins in JIRA are being deprecated and we are no longer able to enable this add-on. The add-on itself will be removed in the coming months. However, we have plans to make JIRA compatible with these plugins in the future. But we do not have an ETA for this."

Dave Meyer Atlassian Team May 18, 2017

Hi Christine,

See my answer just above.


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