How to use discovery without administrator permission for Windows servers

Roberto Rio Branco Mory March 28, 2024


"Sorry if the text seems harsh, I'm using Google Translate"

We are trying to use discovery without using the administrator group, we have already set permissions on the CIVM2 WMI folders.

Discovery makes the connection, runs the patterns, but does not compress the xml and send it to Jira Service Management.

Displays this last information in the Log and does not upload it to Assets
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Total number of SNMP results is 0
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Start adding result data from snmp-data result.
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Finish adding result data from snmp-data result.
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Start adding command to cache
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Adding command result to cache was successful
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Trying SNMP-Connection (SNMP_V1_V2) (0d266cd1-d5a0-4647-8f56-3ecf8ca2e0ee) to - used 0.0216811 seconds - result: False
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Finish connection
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Successfully used credential with ID 0d266cd1-d5a0-4647-8f56-3ecf8ca2e0ee
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Debug] Getting 0 SNMP Hosts (RAW)
3/27/2024 10:00:19 PM: [Normal] Finished Scan Thread: 00001 IP: TaskID: 0000007634

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