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Custom message in JIRA login page

Manu Mishra April 28, 2018

Hi Team,

We want to add a custom message in the JIRA login page for user to redirect to some other link where user can reactivate his account. Basically we want if user gets a message "Usrername/Password is incorrect. Please contact your JIRA administrator.". So we want to display a custom message "If your account is deactivated/inactive, kindly visit the URL and regain your access"

Note: We are using Script Runner in our instance, if it is possible through script runner.

Let me know if this is possible and how (step by step doc will be appreciated). 

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Kira Graf October 15, 2019

We've switched to SSO and wanted to add a message to the login screen telling them to contact an Admin if they see that screen. I am the JIRA administrator but don't have access to the JIRA server to edit pages so I had to figure out a way to do it through scriptrunner.


I added a web panel but the problem was that the many of the webpanel locations are not displayed on the login page so I had to add a banner a the top of the page but only display it for the login screen. So if you are in the same boat, here's how to do it for Jira v7.

  • Admin -> Add Ons -> Script Fragment
  • Add New Item -> Show a Web Panel
  • Location: atl.header
  • Condition: 
import com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.model.JiraHelper

JiraHelper jirahelper = new JiraHelper();
def url = jiraHelper.getRequest().getRequestURL().toString();

if (url.contains('login')) {
return 1
} else {
return 0
  •  Provider class/script:
writer.write("<div style='background-color: yellow; text-align: center'>" +
"If you are trying to access this page please contact your systems administrator. </div>")


Hope that helps!



Ufficio ICT January 2, 2020

It works !!! :)

Priya Ayyadevara February 5, 2020

Can we add in html in the message?

Golla Sathish March 1, 2023

It works! :)

Sergey March 29, 2024

Awesome). Thanks!

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April 28, 2018

Hi Manu,

You can add a custom message under Contact Administrators Message

Administration > System > General Configuration

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 23.20.32.png

Manu Mishra April 28, 2018

@edwin This is a by default custom message, this will be always displayed. We have a following senarios:

1. If user loggs in with correct username & password and account is inactive state (under user management). --- The custom message should display with hyperlink to activate/regain the account/access.

2. If user loggs in wrong username & password.---- The default message should display (your username/password is incorrect. Please contact you Jira Administrator).

Is it possible to achieve point #1 through script runner. Because what I believe when user loggs in the "user" name should be validated from user management (if account is in-active state). Let me know if I am correct.

Manu Mishra May 4, 2018

@edwin Thanks for your answer but this is not i am looking for.

Badrinath Varadharajan May 8, 2019

@Manu Mishra Have you managed to achieve this ? I am looking for something similar.

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