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Creating Folders for Issue attachments

Jody Harper December 4, 2019

In our environment, we receive documents/attachments from our clients.  Frequently we have to modify those attachments for testing and create a new one that has the users issue in an attachment we create.  It is becoming more frequent that we have such a high number of attachments that finding the specific one is becoming more difficult and time consuming.  Attachments is a holding area for templates, data, sample files and screenshots for us, to name a few.  

1.  Is it possible to create folders or containers to separate each type of attachment into?

2.  If it is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions how to adapt Jira to be able to do this?

3.  Does anyone else have these issues and would it be a good recommendation to Atlassian to create this ability if it doesn't exist?


Kat Warner
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December 4, 2019

Hi @Jody Harper , you have posted this in the Community Feedback & Announcements. To help increase the chances of useful responses I am moving this to the Jira Service Desk area.

Joerg Mueller-Kindt December 6, 2019

Hi Jody.

Depends a bit on your environment. There are plugins to integrate Jira into OneDrive and Office365 (Example: OneDrive & Office 365 for Jira)   and/or Google Drive (Example: Google Drive & Docs for Jira) and then just manage your attachments in the respective file system and link them to Jira issues.

Alternative: Why not keep your documents in Git and integrate via Bitbucket or similar? That is particularly nice, if we are talking about documentation in software projects using a "Docs as Code" approach. Recommended: docToolchain ) very cool project. So every customer has their repository, documents are checked in, if you need to change something, pull requests become issues in Jira, which creates a working branch, and when you're done you merge the new version back into the master branch. Something like that.

Lots of stuff about Docs as Code at WritetheDocs

That is one of the nicest communities I know and their Slack channels are buzzing. You'll find somebody there to iron out the details.

Hope this helps.




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