Can't create linked issue between Service Desk projects but have permission

Alisha Garrett March 8, 2018

My SD agents are receiving "You do not have permission to link issues in this project" when trying to create a linked issue in another SD project.  All agents have the Create Issue and Link Issue permissions in all SD projects through custom groups.  The agents can perform other functions such as Move between projects.

JIRA 7.6 \ SD 3.9


Jon Chau March 22, 2018

I'm having this same issue.  We're on JIRA 7.7 and JSD 3.10.  I've given the group the agents are a member of to Create issue, Link Issue, and Edit Issue and they still cannot create linked issues in the other SD projects.  All SD projects share the same permission scheme as well.

Jon Chau March 23, 2018

It looks like the JIRA Service Desk module is overriding my custom permissions setting I used to allow another group access to "Link issues".  Despite the users all having a JIRA Service Desk license, the agents that are not "Service Desk Agents" in the linking project is causing the error.

adelej July 10, 2018

When we evaluated Service Desk we managed to get it working but now that we have implemented it, despite the custom role having all the necessary permissions, we cannot create the linked issues unless you are a Service Desk Agent or more. Any resolution yet?  Who at Atlassian can assist?

David K Harupa Jr August 17, 2018

Is that what causes this? It's been bothering me for months, and all I could find previously was a post from 2013 about an older bug. 

Any solution would be great. 

Alisha Garrett August 17, 2018

We had to add the agents to the Service Desk Team role in both projects to get this working which is def not ideal.  Now we run into the issue of agents being assigned issues in the wrong project.  We're still on JIRA 7.6 \ JSD 3.9 and I don't think this has been resolved in the latest versions but I could be wrong.

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David K Harupa Jr August 17, 2018

We're on JIRA 7.9 \ JSD 3.12 it's still a problem for us. 

Soporte Excentia June 7, 2019

Hi all,

This is the related Atlassian ticket:

We had the same issue. Granting agent permission in destination SD project, users are able to create linked issues.

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March 22, 2019

I created a group that just has browse permissions on the secondary work order sites. They are able to see the backend and view all the work orders, so its not ideal, but it does solve the problem of creating the links and getting them to appear. They have to transition to the front end though to make any edits.

Another thing that is important, is that you have to get it so that the workflow "runas user" is an administrator. I use a user i made when i first started using jira: 'SYSTEM', to do things like this.


but i create the links using workflow transitions, not by clicking a link button, so this may not work for you.

Jianhui Ho April 16, 2019



I am facing the same issue! My agents are not able to create a linked issue to another service desk, despite being given a developer role in it and the developer role given permission to create links. This isn't right!


They can create a new issue over there, which only saves successfully if the link itself is deleted before saving. 

Sebastian Kurrek November 27, 2019

Anyone tried to remove all permissions from the ServiceDeskAgent role (maybe not link issue) assign user with this role and assign the same user or group to another role which controls the permissions ?

Got the same Issue here and hope i don't have to recreate all permissions.

paul yip April 3, 2022

I have same issue, no update from Atlassian side?


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