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Jamie Bell December 6, 2023

Hi everyone. Jira has great flexibility, but so often I find things not working as expected & there's little support online to tell you clearly how 'If you have this use case, configure like this'. So you have to figure a lot out for yourself, & that can be harder than I'd like. For example:

JSM pushes Services as a way to connect your requests for each app/system, whatever. It's a system field, so can be accessed cross-project. It captures approvers (owners), responders, stakeholders, & it can drive alerts via OpGenie Great! I definitely want to use all that... However:

  • Exactly how to those behaviours/functions work, & best practice for configuring them, is unclear to me. Just high-level stuff on support pages. If I add those roles, groups, users against each Service, how are they then used on an issue? On issue create? Field change? What if I have 2+ services added to an issue, are all approvers added? 
  • I've only just realised, after some (internal) customer testing, the Services field can't actually be viewed on Request Forms! Pretty vital info, but not presented front & centre. I get why it might be the case, Services are likely a full(er) catalogue, & not something user-friendly to present on forms. Fine...
  • But if that's the case, what's best practice for getting customers to let me know what app/system they're having issues with? How do I then update the services field? If the Services field is updated later by an agent, does it still populate approvers & responders, & send alerts via OpsGenie?? I'd hope it does all this, but can't be sure & again there's no clear advice anywhere. Frustrating as hell
  • As Services are clearly vital as a cross-system field, why are they available for Agents to manage/edit in ITSM service projects? & if that can be changed, where do I change it? Again, nothing on support docs

So, if anyone has any advice or insight to this mystery box of function, please do let me know. To be clear, my desired use case is:

  1. Customer creates a ticket, in some cases (eg Change Requests, Incidents) the request has a field to capture an app/system (let's say a list of just my top 10 apps, & 'other', using the components field
  2. Agents reviews new ticket, & sets the appropriate Affected Service (just 1, for simplicity's sake)
  3. Automation on Affected Service sets approvers, responders etc
  4. If an Incident, alerts are triggered appropriately
  5. Process continues as required

Any help appreciated! :)




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