Automation rule repeatedly copying comments occassionally

trthomas March 26, 2024

I have 2 different projects that share information.  I use an automation rule to copy comments and attachments from one project to another and vice versa.  Occassionally, maybe once a week, the rule will run several times on the same comment, posting those comments to the tickets repeatedly.  The audit does not tell me why this is occurring.  Has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas on where to start with investigating this issue? 

Here is my automation rule:

Automation rule.png


Here is the audit log showing where it ran repeatedly.

Where it ran repeatedly.png



Here is then the audit log showing that there was a related issue after all.

related issues found.png


It appears from what I'm seeing in the audit log that the comment was made on project A (Procure project) and was not copied to project B (LDP project) because it didn't see the linked issue, even though there really was a linked issue.  

Then it saw the issue and copied the comments from project A to project B.  Then it copied the comments back from project B to project A several times.  

I do see other instances where No Actions Performed appear, but it does not copy the comments multiple times.  So I don't think that is the issue. 

Any thoughts as to what could be happening?  

Thank you.

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John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 26, 2024

Hi @trthomas 

Well, I see a couple of things - why do you have a branch and then a condition right after it that does the same thing as the branch? The condition seems to be not needed. But that's not your real problem.

What I see is a rule that fires when you add a comment. Then you add that comment to linked issues. Which then causes the rule to fire all over again because you have added a comment. And since it has linked issues, it copies the comments back to the original ticket and it goes round and round like a dog chasing it's tail. 

Can you share a screenshot of the Rule Details page? 

trthomas March 26, 2024

Hello John, 

This issue does not happen most of the time.  The comments copy only once from one project to other.  That is what has me stumped. 

Here is the rule detail

Rule Details.png



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Pavlomir Marinov-NaraSyst- March 26, 2024

Hello Thomas,

It's hard to tell why exactly this is happening, but can you check if this option is enabled by any chance? 

Allow other rules to trigger.png 

Maybe the rule self-triggers based on its event? 


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