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Automation and AQL: "does the value of X contain the value of Y"

Eli Devlin March 26, 2024

Hi there, 


I would like help with AQL please. Essentially, AQL for "does the value of X contain the value of Y"

I have an asset attribute which can be multiple words separated by spaces e.g the value could be "Example text".

I then have a custom field of short text type, and the value could be "Example text, sample words" or it could be "Sample words, Example text" i.e. it could contain multiple possible matches to one or more asset attributes and they may be ordered differently each time. 

So I've been trying this:

<asset attribute> LIKE {{customfield_xxx}} 

It works for single string values, but it seems to only match the value before the first space.

e.g. using the example custom field value "Example text", the automation rule yields an error:
.....has invalid syntax at position xxx with error message "mismatched input 't' expecting {<EOF>, ' '}"


So based on the error, it 'gets to' the letter "t" in the field value "Example text". This seems to indicate that the LIKE operator wont work for this use case. 

I've also tried IN ({{customfield_xxx}}) but it doesn't seem to work for me either. 


If this is too convoluted, here's a summary

Asset #1 attribute value: "Example text"

Custom field value "Sample words, Example text"


What AQL in Automation will yield the asset#1 only, because the attribute value is contained within the value of the custom field? It's not an exact match, it's a "does any of X contain Y" query that I want. 

Thank you!


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