After cloning issue no 'request created' notification is sent to the reporter

Roeland Nas March 26, 2024


We've got two service projects: one for our customers and one for our users. On ocassion they will use the wrong portal. In that case we previously made some kind of weird copy into the other project. This has no attachements etc and leaves a duplicate ticket. Not cool. So I went on and took on the automation to create a clone in the correct project.

In this example (i'll include the screenshot, see below) I've used the clone automation to clone a ticket from our customer portal project to the users portal project. That works fine. What does not is that it does not send a notification to the reporter that a new ticket has been created. I also discovered no notifications were sent for comments etc. I learned from the boards that I had to include a request type, which I now did. The notifications started working (put in a test message in my automation), but still NO notification of the new ticket.

So what my automation does:

- Clone ticket with same issue type, copy attachments, copy reporter, assignee empty
- Set request type on new ticket (GOT AN ADDITIONAL QUESTION HERE, see below!)
- Internal comment on new ticket with information of the older ticket, just for kicks
- External comment to test notifications of comments
- Send e-mail to reporter that ticket has been moved to another project
- (once it works i will make the automation delete the initial ticket)

I just want the reporter to receive the 'request created' notification once the ticket was sent to the other project. I know it will give them two e-mails (hey, we moved your ticket + notification of newly created ticket), but it will inform them and give them a way to respond to the new ticket immediately if they want to. How do I get this to work? I've seen threads about not wanting to send notifications on a cloned issue and how to arrange that, but I do want to do that. So, how do i get Jira to sent that 'request created' notification?

Additional question:
Since the project for customers and users have different request types, i've created a new request type in the destination project (handover from other team or something like that). In the step "edit request type" where you set a new request type that needs to be filled it, it's NOT showing up. How is this possible? In addition to that... i see the request types of the destination project plus a few random ones that I cannot place.

I am an admin, I should be able to access all functionality. Please help!



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Roeland Nas April 9, 2024

Got some help from support.

- 'Solved' by mimicking the request created notification by sending an e-mail through the automation rule.

- The standard request created notification does not work, since when you clone the ticket there is no request type yet. You only put the request type on after the cloning action. This is intended behaviour.

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