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Customer portal multiple projects



we have currently set up two projects, both with their own agents and own  complaint tickets etc.

For the first project we've managed to setup link with customer portal (and  create issues by e-mail)

For the second project we would now also like to setup a customer portal (e-mail not required)


Can we use the same portal? How to configure please?

Of course when customers use the portal and create new issues etc, the issue should only become availble in one of the two projects. How to configure this?

Can this be done by linking customers to a project? Or can the customer select the project on the portal?


Kind regards, 

Orlando Vanhove


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Hi Orlando,

You can only have one portal, BUT you can add customers to one project and not another, and then they will ONLY see the project where they are a customer.

Emails are configured by project.

Hope that helps


Ok, this could work, but then I probably should also link the existing portal to the seconde project?

in the user management I've moved a login to the seconde project and tried to login with that user (customer) on the portal, but I couldn't log in.


I've then changed the secont project > edit + filled out field URL with the same URL as the first project, being the URL of the portal.

After that I could log in with that user on the portal, but when creating new issues, they appear in the wrong project ...


Am I missing something out in the config?



Orlando Vanhove

Hi Orlando,

Are you in Cloud?  I may need to refer you to someone when it comes to URL changes.




No. we have the database on our own server.




Dear Suzan,


didn't receive response on my latest response.

So we have two projects , one portal. both projects are linked to the portal (unless I did something wrong)

I've made a customer in project B, same customer does not excist in project A.

I've made a complaint on the portal being logged in as this customer. The complaint should appear only in project B, but in stat it appears in project A, not in project B


Can you please advise ?


That doesn't seem to make sense.  A customer can only see a project if they are in the role of customers, or added to customers. 

Perhaps you can paste the following:

1. Permission schemes for project A, project B

2. Roles for Project A, Project B

3. List of customers in Project A, Project B



projects.jpg1. Permission schemes both projects:

permissions Sint-Niklaas.jpgpermissions Tielt.jpg


2. Roles both projects

User and roles Sint-Niklaas.jpgUser and roles Tielt.jpg


3. list of customers both projects:

Customters Sint-Niklaas.jpgCustomters Tielt.jpg

So I noticed my e-mail adress on which i did the thest ( is on both projects...but the complaint was only shown at project "St-Niklaas"

I've now created a new customer , only in Project "Tielt" , when gowing to the protal, I don't seem to have permisson to create a new complaint. I probably need to configure this so all new customers in project "Tielt" are allowed to create and view their own (or of members of same organisation) requests/complaints ?

Can you explain how to configure please?




Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team May 24, 2019

Hi Orlando,

With Service Desk there is a separate customer portal where these unlicensed users in the customer role can access the service desk to create and view their requests.  This URL tends to look like this  [JIRAURL]/servicedesk/customer/portals

You can see what mine looks like with 2 service desk projects

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 8.50.08 AM.png

The project names here are JANE and HELPDESK in my example above. 

When you reach this page, you will see both portals if your account has permissions to create issues in both.  With Service Desk you can restrict on a per project basis who creates these users in a customer role (themselves or only agents), and you can restrict other customer permissions like who those customers can share requests with.

I can see from your screenshots that you have these two projects configured slightly differently. In the DKP project for that customers page it states "Anyone can raise a request in this service desk" - that means anyone can create their own account and create requests there.

But looking at the DMT customers it states "Everyone with an account on this Jira instance is a customer."  Slightly different, just stating these users need to have an account first.  This tends to be a factor when users are trying to send email to the mailbox service desk is configured to check.  These project settings can determine whether service desk should create accounts for each email address in that message or not as well as whether or not the process the message at all (say because public sign up is not enabled and the user doesn't have an account yet).

It might help to take a closer look at Managing Access to your Service Desk.  It helps to explain the project level settings in detail so that you can make sure that your users can access the project or projects that you want here.



sorry for my late reply. I was on another project but inteded to continue this one now.


The link .../customer/portals doesn't seem to work > 404-error.

I've set the customersettings in both projects to "Everyone with an account in this Jira instance is a customer"


I've created a new user , using usermanagement as admin.

Problem is when creating a new customer, this customer is automatically shown in both projects. This of course also explains why a ticket from this customers shows in both projects. However, I don't seem to have an option to link a new customer to only one project? 



Orlando Vanhove

Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Jul 10, 2019

Technically, it's not /customer/portals but rather /servicedesk/customer/portals

This page will exist if you have Service Desk installed.


Service Desk does not have a means for you to keep all service desk projects open to everyone, but then hide some of these from specific users.  The method expected in that use case here is that you would change the project settings regarding customer access to 'only users added to this project' and then make sure the users that need access have been added under the Service Desk customer role of that project.

I hope that helps to explain this.




I still didn't got this to work.We've used Servicedesk only by creating tickets manually our selfs up till know. But we would really like to start using the webportal.

We do have a webportal configured and ready for use but only the "split out" of the two projects we have running is not working yet.

So when creating a ticket on the portal, the ticket is shown in both projects.

I've asked a user of Project A to create a new customer, I hoped this way the customer would only show in project A , but I can already see this new test-customer shows up in both projects. So logical, when creating a ticket on the portal with this user, the ticket will show up in both projects.

Can you please instruct how we can create customers within one project only please?

I think that would solve the problem.




Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 23, 2019

Hi Orlando,

Service Desk projects are not expected to be able to be restricted in the manner I think you are looking for here: where both projects are still publicly facing and newly created users can still see both. 

While the project can be restricted to only permit designated users, if users are creating their own accounts (or someone else is creating their account), there isn't an easy way for the end user/customer to self service their access to that restricted project.  An Agent or Admin would need to make sure that those users that need to work in that restricted project are added to it before they attempt to raise a request either via the portal or via email.  And you would also need to restrict the project to only permit specific users.  There are steps to do this in Managing access to your service desk.  However it is unclear to me so far if you have changed this setting within either project yet.

I am not sure I completely follow what you are trying to do in this environment.  I have re-read this entire thread since this was a while since we've worked on this.  What is strange about this setup it seems that you are splitting the issue into another project.  Are you using automation to do this split of the issue?  Why split the issue into the other project?

If the data of the issue is being cloned into another project, including reporter and request type fields, then there is every expectation that the user that created the first case will see both cases in the customer portal.   So perhaps if you don't want to that user to gain awareness of this other project, it would be best to either remove the request type field value entirely from the cloned issue.  Doing so would prevent customer portal users from seeing that issue at all.  Or you could remove that user from the reporter field of that cloned issue, which could also then limit their permissions to view that specific issue, but might still send them a notification of the change of reporter field.

Maybe this helps?  If not, I would be interested to learn more about your setup here so we can try to offer more helpful advice.


Hi Andy,


thanks for you're response.

Let me explain a bit. Our enterprise has two warehouses. Each with their own customers and their own customer service.


So we've created two projects, each with their own agents.

When agents create tickets manually the tickets is only visable in their own project which is fine.


But we have only one webportal on wich the customers can create (and view) tickets.

When we create a new customer, and when we create a ticket being that customer, the ticket is shown in both projects. That's the problem. So how can we configue it so this customer and all its tickets are only  linked to one project, not both.



Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Oct 01, 2019

HI Orlando,

Thanks for the additional details here.  I understand that sometimes agents will create a request on behalf of a customer, and that doing this is causing that issue to be visible by the customer in both projects.

What I am not clear on is why that issue is duplicated across projects here.  In a default Service Desk configuration, there is no cloning of an issue when created. However perhaps you have some automation rule here setup to create corresponding requests in another project.  If that is the case, then perhaps we should take a closer look at the configuration of that automation rule here.  If you are not familiar with this aspect, it might help to take a quick review of the Automating your service desk documentation.

If disabling this clone/creation of issues in the new project is not desirable, then perhaps just changing what pieces of issue info are being copied into the other project would be helpful here.  For example, the user would not see this issue if they were not the reporter when this issue was created.  Perhaps we can adjust the automation rule to set a different user as the reporter here for the cloned issue.  This way they can still see the first issue, but not the one in the second project.


No it's not when agents create a ticket on behalf of the customers, but when customers create a ticket on the portal.

When a customer is only customer in one project and creates a request, the request shows up in both projects. 


However , I've restarted this test from scretch and created a total new customer , only in one project.

I've logged in on the portal as that customer and created a request.

The request now only showed as new open issue in one project, not two.

So the problem seems to be solved... No Idea what went wrong in my previous tests, perhaps I've made a mistake earlier. Anyhow it seems to work fine now.

Thanks for your help anyway.




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