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Watch release plan and roadmap changes (notifications)


It would be useful to allow "watching" changes made to release plans and roadmaps.
Are you planning to add the ability to subscribe to such changes and get, say, e-mail notifications about them?



I agree Atlassian team should add this feature in.

I found a workaround, which is to use Advanced Issue Search in Jira to find your issue then "watch" it from there using bulk edit, or individually.

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I agree. For a 'hack' you can use automations to do this. For example, we've set up an automation to email (or you could use slack) to notify users if a roadmap item has transitioned either forward or backwards in the flow.

e.g. Project XYZ has transitioned from {from status} to {to status}.

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It's definitely on the list of things we plan to look at.
For this particular scenario we're not completely sure how that could look like though. Some things are easy to grasp, e.g. someone commented on the view = send an email notification. What if an idea shows in the view and was filtered out before? What if someone changes the filter? etc. 

Stepping back for a second: what are the types of changes you'd like people to subscribe to and be notified @Radoslaw Cichocki _Deviniti_ ? Who is interested in those changes?

Side question: are you using Atlas today? 


The ideal situation for us with informing people following the roadmap would be any changes to it: things get reprioritized or are progressing (i.e. went from design to starting development).

Think this would also be a good point as to why Atlas integration would be important as Atlas will provide context to those type of updates versus notifications being triggered when a field changes.

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The fact that filters can be changed by anyone and this affects how the roadmap/plan is structured for everyone it is troublesome. I think it should work more like agile boards in JSW, so that the "main" filter can be changed by a limited number of people, while "quick filters" are available for everybody. This would solve it, but it also would change how roadmaps/plans are currently designed. I find this inconsistent with the current experience of boards in JSW, though so I'd vote for it.

Changing filters should either not trigger notifications or just trigger a notification that the filter has changed and the subscribers should review the roadmap/plan. No more details, just "Look at the roadmap/plan yourself because now it looks different (link)".

Who's interested in changes:

  1. stakeholders and product sponsors / the board
  2. internal professional services teams - providing services for our customers where our products are implemented (they need to know what's going to change in a product, when, and be notified once it happens)
  3. product marketing team
  4. partners selling our products
  5. external customers - should the roadmaps/release plans ever be allowed to be shared with external customers who do not have access to Jira (similarly to Jira Service Management customers), then they should also have the possibility to "watch" changes in the roadmap/plan

What types of changes:

  1. progression of ideas between columns
  2. new ideas added to board / removed from board
  3. changes in summary or description
  4. new comments for ideas (if roadmaps are shared, then public comments but not internal ones)

I think that's enough for starters.

Also, we have over 20 products at this time. It'd be great to be able to somehow embed all the roadmaps, say, in Confluence so stakeholders and product sponsors / the board can have one view where they can track the future of all our products.

About Atlas - I'm not using it today, I haven't looked into it.
What's the value I'd get from it in this context?


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Thanks @Radoslaw Cichocki _Deviniti_ that's super useful context

By the way @Radoslaw Cichocki _Deviniti_ you should already be able to embed a read-only version of your views to a Confluence page by copying and pasting the link to each view into the page. Let us know if that's not working for you!


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