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Product Mgt & Engineering Ops: Jira Product Discovery + Jira Software Premium + Advanced Roadmap

J P May 12, 2022


I am curious about how you are integrating JPD into your overall Product & Engineering Ops stack with Jira Software AND Jira Premium. 

I am SO excited about JPD! Jira Software has always felt like a solution built for developers that Product Managers had to endure. JPD get so many things right... and is just getting better and better through this beta process

Current State & Contact

  • We have multiple product teams and engineering teams
  • Engineering is currently using Jira Software for delivery (the Jira Software deployment was configured for and is owned / managed by Engineering)
  • Our Product Team currently uses a collection of unintegrated solutions (e.g. scattered Confluence + Google Drive + other documents) with some Jira Software engagement for engineering spring and have inconsistent, non-Jira-integrated Roadmunk use
  • From the top down, we are currently going through an intense process of defining and clarifying our processes and the systems / tools that support them. 

The work Product Manage is full of lots of wonderfully messy middle... 



The Questions / Discussions

  1. What system(s) are you replacing with JPD?
  2. What does your "hand off" from JPD to Jira Software look like? 
  3. What are your artifact or other requirements / to transition to more structured "product planning" [that is NOT yet "Dev Ready"?
  4. Internally, how do you communicate the differences between the problems the JPD is solving vs. Jira Software [for Product planning that is NOT yet "Dev Ready"]?
  5. Who updates what... where... for which purposes? Double entry and updates between JPD & Jira Software (especially for higher level, hierarchical planning through Jira Advanced Roadmaps?)

Ok... what are all the right answers? hahaha 🤣



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Oriol Fàbregas Pujol May 13, 2022

We were using ProductBoard for insights gathering and management and product roadmapping. We will see if JPD becomes better than Produtboard

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Nate Dame May 24, 2022

Same here!

Pete Crocker June 21, 2022

Same here, allows our engineering team easier access to customer/opp/product decisions since they don't have to leave Atlassian/Jira and have a separate account on productboard, plus easier workflow JPD <--> Jira, better salesforce integration.

Nate Dame May 24, 2022

Can you share the source or a higher res version of that image? Fascinating!

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