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How can we identify if the same Epic linked to multiple Ideas in product discovery

Manikandan Kaliyaperumal May 22, 2023

Let me know how can we monitor jira product board effectively as we dont have parent-child relationship if the same epic is linked to multiple idea how can we identify  them ?

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Robert Barbosa May 22, 2023

Hi @Manikandan Kaliyaperumal - I created a filter and board to focus on Ideas for our group.

Thank you for posing your question, because I then exposed 'Linked Issues' as another element in my backlog and sprint cards of my board to quickly see what Epics were linked to the Ideas on the board.


Could this technique work for you?


Your suggestion will make it easier for us to see which Ideas still need Delivery Epics (or higher) issues linked.

Manikandan Kaliyaperumal May 22, 2023

Thanks for response. Appreciate your help. Please share the filter that have been used to see the Epics linked to Ideas on board 

Robert Barbosa May 22, 2023

Since we are keeping a tight control of the views in JPD, I used this for my teams...

FILTER: project in (IDEAS) and "Product Area" in (MyProductArea1, MyProductArea2, etc.) OR "Impacted Teams" in (MyTeam1, MyTeam2, etc.) order by rank


I then created a kanban board using that filter and configured the cards to show what I wanted. I also used card colors to highlight Ideas outside of my Product Area that would impact my teams. JPD made it easy for me to work with my management to define our process too.


Good luck!

Manikandan Kaliyaperumal May 23, 2023

Thank you! 

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