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Automation to copy Team field from PD to JSW

Jenifer Kuntz October 11, 2023

First question - is it possible to have the Atlassian Teams 'Team' field that in Product discovery?

And if so, would I be able to use automation to copy this field to a discovery issue?





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Erin Quick-Laughlin October 11, 2023

Is your PD on the same instance as JSW?  We do quite a bit of automation with the Teams[Team] field - although we first started developing those teams via Shared Teams in Advanced Roadmaps. 

Jenifer Kuntz October 11, 2023

Yes, they are on the same instance. 

When I look at the PD fields I do not see a Team field and if I create a new one I don't have that field type.

We are also using Advanced Roadmaps and the teams are available there also.

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