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"Create" button in Confluence or a direct link to the Contributor form?

J P March 11, 2024

Folks throughout our organization are getting more excited about JPD and using it more. We are in the process of exploring more integrations and streamlining processes across our teams.

One way I am encouraging adoption is by embedding JPD views into Confluence pages [to replace janky Confluence tables]. 

📌 Goal = An obvious and easy way for Contributors [that don't have much Jira experience] to Create an Idea. 

For Contributor users that do not have access to or regularly Jira and are not familiar with it... I want to provide an intuitive way for them to add Ideas with Features > Allow contributors to create ideas.

It seems the simple solutions would be:

  1. Direct link to the Create Issue modal with the project pre-selected
  2. Confluence macro

Parameterized URLs? I have spent way too much time trying to figure this out, including a rabbit hole for generating a URL based on 

https://<subdomain><###>?pid=<####>  ... but I couldn't get that to work either since JPD = newer project type that deviates from certain Jira standards +/- team-managed.

Another Solution? Am I missing something wildly obvious here?

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Pieter Helsen March 12, 2024


Interesting question. My approach may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's what we've been using for quite some time to great effect. 

We have a Jira Service Desk project set up for support questions and product suggestions. This is set up at an easy-to-remember link such as

Screenshot 2024-03-12 085006.png

As product manager, I perform a triage on new suggestions every week or two, to make sure that they contain all the necessary information and then I use Jira's 'Create linked issue' feature to create an idea from those product suggestions. 

This has the benefit that you can discuss the Idea internally (using comments) without necessarily alerting the Suggestion creator. We then use automations to update the state of the Suggestion as the Idea progresses through our pipeline, so that we can communicate to the creator of the Suggestion when it gets released. 


1 vote
Tomas Greif March 11, 2024

I asked the same question few weeks back here:

In there, there is an answer with link to other similar question before and that contains links to other questions/answers before. Rabbit hole at its best.

Currently, it is impossible to create such link, my guess is because of the technological difference of how the projects are build. The link with `issueType` will render some Idea form, but will contain all the fields in the project, impossible to use :/

Where do we request such feature?

AUG Leaders

Atlassian Community Events