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Can I have URL to directly create Idea / Insight

Tomas Greif February 22, 2024

Is it possible to have an URL that will go straight to the "Create an idea" screen?

For the insights screen of particular idea I know it is feasible, but for the "Create an idea" form there is no specific URL that I would see.

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Tomas Greif March 12, 2024

Summary, so that you don't have to go through the rabbit hole of links to links to links.

Currently, it is is not possible to have such a direct link. Upvote the question or ask JPD team for this feature.

Doug Rhoten
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I'm New Here
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March 12, 2024


I am in the process of setting up a new intake form for fourteen delivery teams, and was just  looking for a way to send folks directly to the "Create" button and not the "Create an Idea".

My preference at this point, would be to hide the "Create an Idea" button as it has been confusing folks as to which button to use.

In my limited testing, a number of folks have used the quick entry button and that has resulted in them missing out on capturing additional information we need in our intake process. This then requires extra effort and time to fix, since contributors are not able to edit the description on the ticket after it has been submitted. (Our project is public and configured to allow contributors to submit new tickets.)

It would be great to have a similar to experience to what it's like when entering or responding to a post here in this community. Having a side bar with additional links, is exactly the type of UX that would be helpful in providing additional information and resources to folks who are submitting new ideas to our teams.

cc @Axel Sooriah 

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