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Set project target interval

Omar Bennani May 10, 2023

Hi! I'm trying to set the project target (the Project Target field) intervals using automation but I'm hitting a bit of a snag. It's a custom field that's looks like it's defined as a string but obviously takes a start and end date. Can anyone provide an example or tips on how to set the value properly? 


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Omar Bennani May 11, 2023

Figured it out for my self! So here's what you need to do. Must be an advanced update. In our instance it's customfield10275. It must be a string and you need to match the structure. You also need to match the expected dates. For instance, i tried doing a custom start/end interval. That's no bueno, it won't take it. If you want to assign a start/end as i do below for quarters, you need to align the dates to be the exact same and the it'll take it.

"customfield_10275": [{
"set": "{\"start\":\"{{now.StartOfMonth.withMonth(1).jiraDate}}\",\"end\":\"{{now.withMonth(3).endOfMonth.jiraDate}}\"}"

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