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How to troubleshoot JPD <--> SFDC Data Refresh Errors

Pete Crocker November 15, 2022

Question: How do you troubleshoot data refresh errors between Salesforce and JPD? I've got 233 errors, all of them the same, where linked insights created from the chrome extension linked to notes from Salesforce. However all of these seem to need re-authentication. Clicking "Authenticate" just results in "Try Again". Chrome's developer console doesn't reveal anything insightful. How can I go about troubleshooting this, or what info is needed to find what it's hung up on?

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3 votes
Ian Sperry November 15, 2022

I had this same problem with ZenDesk.
What I found is that the ones that said authenticate were the insights added by another team member who had not authenticated the integration on their account.

So I had her go into the error queue on her account, click Authenticate, and it did actually direct her to Auth her account and that solved the issue of seeing that Authenticate button on the error. 

However, I still get dozens syncing errors (I have 97 atm) that need to be manually refreshed in the error queue. It is a pain in the butt because it take two clicks for each error. I wish there was a method to Refresh all of the errors so I don't have to go 1 by 1

Pete Crocker November 16, 2022

Good insight, thanks. I'll have to see if the errors correlate to other people. 

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Logan Reese December 30, 2022

Also seeing the same thing & have posted about this below. A central way to authenticate all without needing to go through each team member would be helpful.

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KB December 23, 2022

Same error here. I have about 100 errors on insights that should be synced with Salesforce. Hitting authenticate does not do anything. It also does not matter who created the insights - it should also not matter in my view.

I also do not get any errors in SF. I see a login but no further requests on the SF side. Any ideas?

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