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How to manage PM workflow tasks?

Anna Bergevin December 7, 2022

I love having a place for discovery that connects to our software project for delivery. 
But something I am struggling with is how to manage overall to-do list as a PM. It feels like the most natural would be if there were some sort of task widget / component. In reviewing ideas, having standup an talking about delivery, etc there are always so many small tasks for follow up and no central place to put them.

Yes I acknowledge I can use paper lists or separate to do list apps, but just wanted to say it would be much better to have it somehow integrated into JPD to serve as the PM's main hub for work.

Something like the Eisenhower urgency/importance matrix would be golden.

If anyone has any good hacks for how they handle this in Jira (either JPD or Jira) I'd love to hear it.

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Matt M. December 7, 2022

Are you thinking something along the lines of Sub-Tasks for the Idea tickets? That was one thing I felt would be helpful. 

Creating an Eisenhower Matrix for the Idea tickets themselves would be as easy as creating 3 custom fields: Urgency (1-5), Importance (1-5), and then some kind of formula field that returns your preferred numeric value.  But I'm guessing you are looking more for how to manage your PM tasks that relate to the various Ideas, and then how to prioritize the Tasks.

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Wendy Overton December 7, 2022

Have you tried using Trello? I’ve read it integrates with Jira and allows for personal boards /personal task lists. 

However, I don’t know how it actually integrates or how smooth this process /workflow might be 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Anna Bergevin December 7, 2022

Thanks Wendy. I was hoping to avoid another tool, but I agree an integrated task system like Trello or Asana might work okay. I like tools like that overall, maybe I'll investigate the integrations and see how clunky they are. 

It just feels like the big discovery items are there, I sync with our internal customers there, my engineering team is managing workflow in Jira, it would just be nice if I could create follow up task items as I'm in those workflows with others. And see those tasks alongside broader work we're planning, etc.

I'll keep brainstorming....or stay old school with paper and post it notes. Lol.

Amanda Barber
Community Leader
Community Leader
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December 7, 2022

Similarly, you could make a Jira project (not Discovery Project) and create tasks/subtasks. This would keep it in the same software (although Trello plays nicely, too, since it's also Atlassian.) You could also link issues/discovery issues.

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