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Custom Fields do not map from JSM to JPD

Troy Moore February 13, 2024

Our product managers utilize forms in JSM to collect information from business stakeholders. The JSM forms are useful as opposed to the JPD 'Create' templates because the JSM forms can be made conditional. An answer of 'Yes' on one question in JSM may prompt another. the JPD 'Create' templates only allow for a non-conditional block of questions/choices.

We want to use the data captured in these JSM forms to populate fields within Jira Product Discovery. We set up an automation to create an idea in JPD, and our goal is to use the data captured in the JSM form as input for our JPD record. In the past we have been semi-successful at this by blocking the Jira smart values from the form-created JSM issue as text within the 'Description' box. This is a workaround solution to a problem I have come across and have never been able to resolve.

The problem is this: The custom fields that I created and that are captured in the JSM form cannot be carried over into custom fields within JPD. I can easily map these same fields into Jira Software, but the Jira Product Discovery custom fields remain blank when I try to utilize the COPY function within the JSM form ->Create JPD idea automation. 

For instance, I have a form in JSM that captures a field called 'Request Type'. That field is captured and logged in JSM. The JSM form field links to my custom field called also called 'Request Type'. That field is a single select field with about 5 options. Even when I create the field in JPD to match the exact conditions as JSM and Jira Software, the JPD field will not recognize the COPY command in the JSM form ->Create JPD automation. 

Can this be considered for future development? I understand the idea behind pure JPD is not conducive to service management ideas like work intake, but I think that it is a miss not to allow the functionality. Being able to use the conditional fields in JSM as input for JPD could be a huge help as it assists product managers in collecting information from stakeholders. As it sits today, the functionality for gathering information into JPD via JSM is limited. Thanks!

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Hermance NDounga
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 14, 2024

Hey Troy, 

I know Tanguy already provided me with your contact in order to include you in our Global fields EAP - it should indeed resolve this problem, so I'll contact you when we are opening it.

However, is it possible for you to still open a support ticket with details of your rules the projects etc so a support engineer can investigate directly in your site?  

Because it is normally possible to copy from a field to another. It is difficult to set up because you need to find the right fields etc, but it is normally possible. 

Could you please open a ticket via ? 

Best Regards,
Product Manager @ Jira Product Discovery


Amanda Ward February 16, 2024

Hi @Hermance NDounga . Sorry to hi-jack this question, but how can I learn more about the EAP for Global Fields? My Product team is ramping up on Product Discovery and we are extremely interested in sharing some common fields across our projects. Thank you!

Troy Moore February 16, 2024

Hey @Hermance NDounga , I went to your link and it sent me back to the suggestion page where I originally submitted this scenario.

Hermance NDounga
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 21, 2024

Hey Amanda, 

Here is the sign up article : 

@Troy Moore I'm really sorry for this experience, it's surely because you are on a free plan (unfortunately, it doesn't make the distinction between Jira Product Discovery and other Jira products) 

In a Jira Product Discovery project, please go at the bottom of your left navigation bar and click "Give feedback", then select the support team. 

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 12.51.41.png

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Troy Moore February 21, 2024

@Hermance NDounga Thanks! I was able to get this submitted.

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