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Are there plans to introduce a weekly view to the timeline tab?

Keiran Munn September 15, 2023

The timeline view doesn't really give a fair view of an idea's duration on the timeline view due to it only support months or quarters. 

For example in the monthly view, if a project has a start date in September and end date in October this appears on the timeline across both months where technically it could actually be shorter in duration than a project that starts and ends in September. 

We'd like to be able to view the timeline view down to the week similar to how you can in native Jira.

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Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 15, 2023

Thanks for the feedback, we'll consider this when we next look at this feature. When we designed this feature it was with a specific use case in mind (prioritization and communication of roadmaps based on bigger blocks/investments - no detailed Gantt charts!). We'll review after talking to a few of you about how you ended up using it. 

Keiran Munn September 15, 2023

Thanks Tanguy, we're utilising JPD it document projects that are both in discovery or not yet in development. 

We're using the roadmap view with custom columns split quarterly to plan and document our committed workload for the quarter but ideally for reviewing this with other stakeholders in the business a more traditional gantt chart view is beneficial to a weekly or bi-weekly view, this allows us to better understand out dev team capacity. 

We have use advanced roadmaps in Jira previously to demonstrate this value but have since adopted rolling up our sprint dates rather than set dates as this is then dynamically updated as and when we move tickets from one sprint to the next and with some of these projects ideas potentially not passing discovery, I want to avoid diluting Jira and confusing our devs with "potential" projects. 

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Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 15, 2023

Thanks for the context @Keiran Munn 👍

kevin.capel September 15, 2023

We too could really use this! Ideas starting and stopping at the very start or very end of a month create a longer perception of duration than is actual in reality.  ~4 weeks perceived difference makes a huge difference for us and for our communication process. 

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Keiran Munn January 10, 2024

@Tanguy Crusson Hi Tanguy, is there any update on being able to support a weekly view in the roadmap feature of project ideas? 

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Nedim Dedic
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 6, 2024

Hello Tanguy. This is a very interesting thread. We love JIRA discovery, but would also greatly benefit from having an ability to span something across weeks. The reason for this is that we use t-shirt sizing to generate and evolve estimates in this view, both for planning, retrospective analysis and tracking changes.

We track work across multiple workstreams/teams and the sprints are asynchronous. so the week view would be great.

For example looking at the table bellow we cannot represent smaller roadmap items achievable inside the 2 week iterations (given a sprint duration of 2 weeks across multiple partners)

Also we cannot show something that we may want to schedule and snap to a particular week inside a month.

All this does not need to be super accurate and I agree it is not needed to have a Gantt chart capability.







Extra small project done under 2 weeks


2 weeks


Small project up to a months work


1 month


Medium project from 3 months work


3 months


Large project up to 6 months work


6 months


Ongoing project at least one year


12 months


Keiran Munn March 7, 2024

Hi @Nedim Dedic

Thanks for your contribution, pretty much the same gap we're facing within our team too. 

Although it's behind a paywall, do you have access to Jira's advance roadmaps? 

We're literally just starting experiment with pulling in our IDEA ticket types from our projects ideas board into an advance roadmap. This gives you the traditional gantt chart view down to a weekly view, which should help to better represent those smaller projects. 

It's still not perfect but feels like the in between until if/when they extend jira project discovery to support a weekly roadmap view. 

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Jordan Jolly September 19, 2023

+1 for the weekly view request, this would be invaluable for short-term planning @Tanguy Crusson 

Additionally, a dynamic roadmap view that scales time intervals could be a game changer. A view that starts with shorter intervals like weeks for near-term tasks and gradually extends to months, quarters, half-years, and even years for long-term goals would offer a more nuanced representation of project timelines. This approach could visually encapsulate the increasing levels of uncertainty as we move further into the future.

  • Weeks for immediate tasks
  • Weeks to Months for short-term goals
  • Months to Quarters for medium-term planning
  • Quarters to Half-Years for strategic objectives
  • Half-Years to Years for long-term vision
Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 20, 2023

Nice! This is actually something we were quite keen to explore. Early drawing from 6+ months ago:


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Jordan Jolly September 21, 2023

Looks great! Add the option to get down to weeks example below) as well and that would be amazing!!

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Sabina Alistar January 19, 2024

@Tanguy Crusson I will add to the pleas for a weekly view.

We are trying to use it to plan ahead/ build a reasonable plan for how PMs should sequence their efforts, as well as (with a couple of custom fields) to straw-man a tentative timeline for delivery so we don't all overwhelm the same Eng team with our big projects at the same time. 

It doesn't help if a project supposed to start Jan 30 and end Feb 4 looks like it's taking all of Jan and all of Feb. We're hacking around it by displaying the actual dates on the card, but visually it's quite confusing. 

Thank you so much for considering this!

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Maria Salvanou September 15, 2023

We've asked the same question @Keiran Munn

Would be really useful for us particularly when talking to stakeholders. 

Lindsey Strong September 15, 2023


Kelly Lillis September 20, 2023

Same!! Just the addition of the week view would be fabulous @Tanguy Crusson . I am using it for high level project templates. I can show bigger chunks of work as ideas, and link to jira software tickets, but i'd like to have a display to screenshot for customers of how long the bigger chunks will take and it doesn't quite do it showing just by month. 

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Brent Vierling December 21, 2023

Just throwing my hat in the ring on this one.  I would love to be able to be in a monthly view and snap the idea to a week.  Really all I care about is our 2-week sprint intervals but since these all start at different week #'s, snapping to a week would make it work for everyone.  We would still look at an overall monthly basis but gives more flexibility in planning the work for the month.

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