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New Jira Integration - Autofill dates in JPD from linked delivery tickets

Hi JPD Community!

Rohan here, one of the PMs on Jira Product Discovery. I have exciting news to share: We’ve released a much-requested improvement that allows you to reflect the latest data from Jira linked delivery tickets in JPD. When you’re using Jira Timelines or Jira Plans to plan out your delivery, you can autofill the earliest start date and latest end date in Jira Product Discovery date fields.

When an idea is ready to go into delivery, you can:

  • Create epics and stories in Jira Software.

  • Plan the sequencing of delivery in Jira Timelines or Jira Plans. Jira Plans is included with Jira Software Premium, you’ll have access to more powerful planning features including capacity planning and dependency mapping.

Dates from Jira can be autofilled in idea fields in Jira Product Discovery and any changes in dates on the linked delivery tickets will be updated on the idea so you’ve always got the latest information in Jira Product Discovery and in the views you share with your stakeholders.


Check out the demo below to see how to set this up 


  1. How do I create this field in Jira Product Discovery? Create a field of the type Date, then toggle on Autofill dates. You can enable this for any existing date field by selecting the 3-dot menu on the field, select Edit field then toggle on Autofill dates. The Loom demo above walks you through the steps.

  2. Which date fields in Jira are supported? In Company-managed projects all date fields are supported. In Team-managed projects the Due date fields is supported, this is the field which comes out of the box when you create a project.

  3. Which linked delivery tickets are factored in for date calculations? All delivery tickets linked to an idea, and all their children will be used for earliest and latest calculations.

  4. How can I autofill from the issue's Sprint dates? You can set up Automation to update the issue's start/end date based on the Sprint, follow this guide on setting up the Automation.



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Blake Falanga February 22, 2024

Hi @Rohan Swami , love this functionality! I have two custom date fields that I am trying to use for this calculation, but I cannot search for these. These fields are on Initiatives in Jira Software and they are called Target Start and Target End Date. Any idea why I can't search for these? 


Date Audit.png

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agileautonomy February 22, 2024

@Blake Falanga I think they have a different name really. Go to to the scheduling settings of your Jira plan to get their real name.

Blake Falanga February 22, 2024

@agileautonomy In the Scheduling settings of my plan, the fields have the same name. 



Tere Pile February 22, 2024

Love it!  I used 'due date' which is pulling from epic (perfect) tasks use a different field so I may create a different field for that to show the variance! 

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agileautonomy February 22, 2024

@Blake Falanga do you have any delivery tickets connected?

Blake Falanga February 22, 2024

@agileautonomy Yes, we have many delivery tickets connected. I would estimate about 30-45 initiative delivery tickets. 


Jeff Wasserman
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 22, 2024

This is so awesome, we've been waiting for this! Quick question though, when we pull the date in via JSD it always shows the date as a day earlier than JSD! Anybody have any suggestions?

Roeland Schoppers February 22, 2024

@Rohan Swami would it be possible to do the same but then based on sprint dates? 

- When the first delivery ticket is put into a sprint - fill in start date as the first day of that sprint

- When the last delivery ticket is put into a sprint - fill in end date as the last day of that sprint OR:
- When the last delivery ticket is put into a release - fill in the end date as the date of the release

agileautonomy February 23, 2024

@Roeland Schoppers I think if you set up Jira Plans to autofill the date based on Sprint then those dates would show up in JPD as well. Just guessing as I do not have access to a cloud site with Plans ATM.

BTW what is the situation with rolled-up dates in Plans?

@Rohan Swami could confirm this perhaps?

Rohan Swami
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 23, 2024

@Blake Falanga could you please create a support ticket so that we can look into the issue for you?

@Roeland Schoppers I recommend you use Automation to update the start/end dates based on the issue's sprint, here's a previous Community Post on setting this up.

@Jeff Wasserman the date used in JPD is based on your personal Jira settings for your timezone while the date coming from JSM is likely a 'system' date. Your Jira Settings can be found by selecting the Settings gear icon at the top right > Personal Jira Settings > Your timezone. We're aware of the bug, apologies!

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Sam Hepworth February 26, 2024

Hi @Rohan Swami  Do you have an idea on when we can include "start date" form team-managed projects?

Garrett Olsen February 28, 2024

@Blake Falanga @Rohan Swami having a similar issue where the dates I want aren't showing up. One thing I noticed when looking at the date fields in the Scheduling settings on Plans, is that the two dates I was considering using both don't have an ID number next to their name, while all the other date fields in our system do. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I suspect it's why it isn't showing up in the available fields in JPD.

Edit to add: in our case at least, these seem to be locked fields, created for Advanced Roadmaps, so maybe JPD can't pull locked fields for the auto-fill?

Rohan Swami
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 5, 2024

apologies for the slow response I've been sick for a few days.

@Sam Hepworth we won't be supporting Start date from Team-managed projects anytime soon. It's not a system field under the hood like due date, which makes it a lot of effort for us to build a solution here. We've found that most customers who need this feature are using company-managed projects, I've taken record of your feedback.

@Garrett Olsen the date fields available in Plans should be the date fields that are in your company-managed projects, the same as the fields we pull from in Jira Product Discovery. We don't filter out any locked fields.

David Wyss April 8, 2024

I can only select "Start date", "Actual start" or "Actual end", but not "Due date" in Jira Discovery. Why?

Rohan Swami
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 8, 2024

@David Wyss It should be appearing as an option! Can you please create a support ticket and we'll take a look: Left panel in Jira Product Discovery > Give feedback > I want to ... Get help from the support team.

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