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Jira Cloud Administration: How to get better at optimizing Jira site

Hey there Jira Cloud Admins πŸ‘‹

Let's discuss how you are better managing your cloud site by optimizing all the schemes which are present in Jira. I would like to get inputs from each one of you to help the community with the same!!

What are the checklists that you go through before you decide whether you can go with a shared project configuration scheme or the new one? How to decide the new project creation with either the new scheme or the shared scheme?

What considerations do we have to make when deciding to go with the plugin for extended features?

If we consider some of the premium features into context, how to make best use of sandbox environment in cloud?

So considering all these aspects, how a Jira admin in the company should approach configuring a Cloud site that is suitable for their users!!

Please let me know your thoughts on how one should approach having an optimized Jira site.

I'm trying to have this information under one hood!! πŸ˜‡

For example, I have seen multiple customers raising a question on priority schemes while Atlassian is having its own ticket to track the progress

Sometimes it's related to comparisons like managing filters and dashboard in DC is available for Admin whereas in Cloud it's still in progress

So here is the link to Jira site on issues that are in progress

There are also plugins that provide information on optimizing the site!! If someone could throw a light under these aspects, that would be great!!

Looking to have an active conversation under these aspects which will help other Jira admins and users on getting the relevant information quickly!!



bertrand.drouhard January 11, 2022

I find it really difficult to maintain a Jira instance with tens of projects if I don't use shared schemes.

That's why I build a catalogue of "standard" projects made of "standard" schemes, that are supposed to fit 90% of the teams. These different projects will have from a minimalist workflow (to do, in progress, done) to much more sophisticated ones (with review statuses, deployment phases, ...) The team will choose one of the standard projects, depending on its maturity level or the kind of job it works on. Some teams need a custom project, but it should remain an exception. If there are too many exceptions, it means that your catalogue is not rich enough.

This way, the maintenance is much easier, and every improvements are shared. To share is to care!

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Darryl Lee
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 11, 2022

Highly recommend @bertrand.drouhard 's approach of standardizing on shared schemes. If not, you will definitely end up in a bad situation* and might need to do some Tidying Up!

* Hopefully not as bad as this:

Jira cloud instance with ~400 users

  • 451 projects
  • 983 workflows
  • 756 workflow schemes
  • 215 issue types (!?)
  • 721 issue type schemes
  • 1213 screens
  • 1170 screen schemes
  • 372 issue type screen schemes
  • 97 permission schemes
  • 252 field configurations
  • 250 field configuration schemes
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