Is there a way to sync Jira with different stroy workflows over to the default Jira Align workflow?

Lacey Draayer July 27, 2020

If multiple team work in Jira with different workflows, is there a way to sync all those workflows to Jira Align without forcing all the teams into a unified workflow? 


If so, how is this done?

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Charles Johnson July 27, 2020

Hi Lacey

Unfortunately,  JiraAlign will only support one workflow in a Jira integration. Please see this similar q & a for further conformation:

Solved: Workflows in Jira Align


Charles Johnson Jr. 

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Tina Behers
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July 5, 2021

@Lacey Draayer 

The answer above is not correct.  You may sync multiple (jira) project specific workflows into Jira Align.  It is not recommended, see the write up below as to why... but it is possible.

In order to do this you must map the PROJECT  State Mapping (Admin - Jira Settings - Projects -  "State Mapping"  - this controls the bidirectional flow and update of states after the initial sync of the work item.  

Additionally, you must use the ((Admin - Jira Settings - State Mapping) to map the workflow states from Jira to Jira Align for initial sync of work items. 

**Caution*** If more than one project is using the same workflow ID, the inbound mapping must match.  i.e. Project ABC uses workflow ID; 10004 "Dev Complete" to mean testing is not complete but development is - and Project XYZ uses the same workflow ID to mean all dev and testing are complete - the inbound mapping should be set to State 3 - Dev complete  OR 4 - Test Complete in Jira Align.  Without communication to the teams using these states, confusion will be rampant and you will hear a large amount of "Jira Align is broken".  when it is in fact, not a JA problem. 

More information on how to complete the Project status mapping can he found here:

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