Fixed Program Spend per Point and Team Spend per Point

Brady Lin August 31, 2022

I'd like to utilize estimated spend and actual spend in portfolio room and set up the portfolio with blended rate as the costing method. I've also tried setting the costing method to cost center. Is there a way to fix those variables instead of some normalized numbers? 

I don't understand how to compare that number against our budget. Sometimes a point could worth $5k but sometimes $1k. Guessing it's somehow derived from my blended rate and 8 hours of work a day.


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Jennelle Stearns
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September 6, 2022

@Brady Lin There isn't a way to fix the team or program spend per point values.  There are 2 great articles that provide info that should help.  The following article talks about all the areas you need to setup in Jira Align for it to even calculate values, plus how the data is baselined/re-baselined:  Manage Data for Financial Calculations.  The second article talks about how the Team and Program Spend per point are calculated: .

Here is an example of how the rates and hours work (looks at the above articles for more details):

Example Details:

In the Portfolio Room, I see Story A which is an accepted Story that is 5 points.  The story was completed by the Cowboys team in Sprint 25.  When I look at Sprint 25, the burn hours are 6 hrs per day and the schedule shows 2 weeks (10 days).  The blended rate for this increment is $50.  The Cowboys had a total of 60 accepted story points in Sprint 25.  In addition, fthere are 3 people assigned to the Cowboys Sprint 25 with the following task allocations:  Jack: 100%, Matt: 50%, Sally: 100%. 

Calc: To get the total cost of the Cowboys team for Sprint 25, you need to do the following calculation for each individual and then sum up the dollar amount to get the total: 

((burn hours * task allocation) * days in Sprint * blended rate)

Calculation using the Example Data:

Jack: ((6 hrs * 100%) * 10 days * $50) = $3000

Matt:  ((6 hrs * 50%) * 10 days * $50) = $1500

Sally:  ((6 hrs * 100%) * 10 days * $50) = $3000

Total Cost for the Cowboys team for Sprint 25 is ($3000 + $1500 + $3000) = $7,500

Calc: Team Spend per point for Sprint 25 is calculated as: 

(Total Cost for the team for the sprint / total accepted points for the team's sprint).

Calculation using the Example Data:

So for our example the Total Spend per point for the Cowboys Team for Sprint 25 is:  $7500/60 points = $125 

Calc: A Story's Actual Spend is calculated as: 

(Total Team's Spend per point * the story's accepted points)

Calculation using the Example Data (the final cost is what is shown in the Accepted Spend for Story A in the Portfolio Room):

Actual Spend for Story A:  ($125 * 5 points) = $625

Brady Lin September 6, 2022

Thank you for the explanation and the example. I'll check out the links

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