Jira and Jira Align Integration: Setting up Connector Roles and Admins

There are a couple of key role toggles and settings to consider when setting up access for the Jira and Jira Align Integration.

System Roles: Jira Align has two major types of permissions which are system roles and team membership.  System roles control which pages and reports users have access to and team membership controls what data users can see on those pages and reports.

Connector Role Toggles:  There are four system role toggles tied to managing the Jira and Jira Align Integration.  These Toggles can be found under Jira Align Admin > Roles > Selecting the desired roleAdministration and they include Jira Settings, Jira Boards, Jira Sprints, and Jira Deleted Issues.  When the "Read-Only Mode" is enabled for a particular role, users assigned to this role will have read access with no edit permissions on the associated page.


Enabling the Jira Settings role toggles will turn of the Admin > Jira Settings page and enabling one of the Jira Boards, Jira Sprints, Jira Deleted Issues role toggles will turn on the Admin > Jira Management Page.


Jira Settings: Jira Settings is where Jira Projects will be mapped to Jira Align Programs and the connector will be configured.  More on Jira Settings can be found here: https://agilecrafthelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000088453-10X-Jira-Integration-Setup

Jira Management: Jira Management is where Jira Boards will be mapped to Jira Align teams and Jira Sprints will be mapped to Jira Align Anchor Sprints.  There is also a report here to track issues deleted in Jira.  More on Jira Management can be found here: https://agilecrafthelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018815534-10X-Jira-Management-Settings

Jira Align Connector Admins: The Admins field which can be accessed by navigating to Jira Align Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Connectors can be utilized to restrict which users have access to view or edit a connector.  Users assigned to the Super Admin role will have access to all connectors immaterial of an Admin being listed in a field or not.  Non Super Admin rolled users will have access to all connectors based on their system role configurations when there are no names set in the Admins field.  Once there is at least one name set in the Admins field, non Super Admin users will no longer be able to access the Jira Settings or Jira Management Pages until they are also added as a Connector Admin.

*For this reason I do not recommend listing any users in the Admins field unless you have multiple connectors and plan on listing all non Super Admin rolled admins for each connector on its respective Admins field.



Please reach out in the comments section with any questions!

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Shannon Wright
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May 27, 2020

Thanks Tim for the article.  I got caught in the issue where I added my name only in the Jira Align Connector Admins section and was unable to grant access to a non-super admin role.  Removing my name from that section allowed the non super admins access to the jira settings and jira management areas.


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