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Integrating Jira teams with Jira Align

Previously, users had to wait 2-4 hours for the normal board timer sync to complete before they could verify sprint mappings and import the team’s Jira backlog.

In the Jira Align 10.70 release, we enhanced the “Jira Integration” page to show newly added boards that have not yet synced from Jira. Now, users can add boards, run a custom board sync (from the Jira Integration page) with only the newly added boards, and within minutes, verify sprint mappings and import the team’s Jira backlog.

To quickly onboard a new Jira team into Jira Align with the 10.70 updates:

  1. Add new project(s) on the Jira Settings Manage Projects tab (no changes were made to this step).

  2. Add new board(s) on the Jira Management → Jira Boards tab (no changes were made to this step). In this example, boards with IDs 8 and 9 were added.

  3. Teams can be created in Jira Align at this time by typing the name into the Jira Align Team field.
    1. If a team was already created in Jira Align, type the name of the team in the Jira Align Team field.Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 3.32.19 PM.png
  4. On the Jira Integration page, select the newly added board ID(s) from the Boards to sync dropdown.

  5. Create a JQL query with a single project, single issue key, the newly added board(s), and board sync set to Yes.

  6. Click Run. This will trigger an API call to get the single issue (and create/update in Jira Align) and an API call to sync only the selected board(s).
    Note: The project and issue key used in the JQL don’t need to be associated with the newly added boards. Adjusting the JQL to search more projects and/or return more issues will increase the time users must wait between this step and the next.

  7. Verify sprint mappings on the Jira Management → Jira Sprints tab (no changes were made to this step).

  8. On the Jira SettingsJira Integration tab, create a JQL to import the backlog of Jira issues. Since the newly added boards synced in a previous step, no boards should be selected the and board sync should be set to No.


Esme Rue May 14, 2020

This is a great article Kyle! Very helpful! 

Vandana Kurapati July 9, 2020

Nice Article Kyle. Question: I did not try this functionality yet. If there are multiple boards connected in the JA tool. How much time it takes to sync one/2 newly created boards, will this work irrespective of boards already connected? In JQL query do we need to use Issuekey as well?

Kyle Foreman
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
July 10, 2020

Hi Vandana,

If you select the 2 new boards, the custom JQL will get the sprints for just those 2 boards. So the response should be very quick (seconds to several minutes).

Yes, you do need the issue key in the JQL. This will scope the rest of the custom JQL to just a single issue, which limits the maximum response time.


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