How to archive a team in Jira Align(don't delete)?


As clients work through a lot of different org changes and continue to manage these particular changes at each levels of the hierarchy there are some gaps they would like to account for. They want to archive/clear up existing teams and give them a new start by leaving the JA instance lean and clean.


We recommend doing this around PI boundaries

We don’t recommend deleting a team from either JA or JIRA (as it can lead to lost history and inaccurate historical reporting). Our recommendation is to only inactivate the teams in JA.

  1. In Jira cleanup team data:
    • Move all assigned items back to the backlog
    • Make sure all active sprints are removed from the board
    • Make sure no member is allocated to the team

  2. If the Jira Project is no longer needed, it can be archived. See Archiving a project

  3. In Jira Align, delete the associated Board <-> Team mapping under: Admin > Jira Management > Jira Boards

  4. In Jira Align, if the Project integration is no longer needed, delete the Project <-> Program mapping under: Admin > Jira Settings > Manage Projects

  5. In Jira Align, deactivate the team under: Team > Manage > Teams > [select the team you want to deactivate] by setting its Active field to No and Saving.


Shyam Sundar P January 18, 2023

Do we have to delete the board id mapping in Jira setting? Say i want to switch a team from agile team to kanban and i have a new rapidview id to integrate can i still archive the team and integrate the board for the same project team. Do i have to delete the project id and add new in Jira settings?

Shyam Sundar P January 18, 2023

What is the way to delete the team from a program? I do not see that option on the above screen. I can only change the program of a team in a different screen

Puja Rathi
Atlassian Team
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January 18, 2023


we don't recommend deleting as that will cause you to lose history

Best would be-

1)to clean up team backlog in Jira

2)inactivate the team in JA as shown above (no need to delete the board)

3)create a new team in Jira as a Kanban team and integrate it with the JA program

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Helen Jones February 23, 2023

@Puja Rathi 

So, I've read through the above and, unless I'm missing something, I can't figure out how to "remove team from the program".  I can't select, backspace, archive or delete the team from the "Teams associated with Program" block. Clicking on it opens the team details panel where I can move it to another Program but can't blank out the Program. 
What am I missing?

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Alistair Keith September 8, 2023

Consider renaming the Team as you archive it - to something like - Team X Archived 

Shaurya Jain November 1, 2023

Can you deactivate ARTs that are no longer relevant or Delete ARTs/Programs from Jira Align


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